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Columbia, South Carolina hCG Clinic:

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Weight Loss Clinic located in Waxhaw, North Carolina, this weight loss clinic is conveniently located near: South Charlotte, Monroe, Lancaster, Indian Land, Matthews, Fort Mill, and Ballantyne.

Phone: 704.243.7106

Program Overview:

First Visit:

During your first visit, you will spend approximately 30 minutes with our nurse.
Vitals signs including blood pressure, pulse, and body temperature are taken.
Computerized weight and body composition analysis and


UK – London, Manchester


HCG Weight Loss Program

”This method of weight reduction was developed by Dr. A T W Simeon and is based on the theory that there are three types of fat – necessary fat supporting the kidneys, cushioning the arteries etc, and the fat for fuel which is localised all over the body. The third type is surplus fat which accumulates in the typical areas and causes obesity. Fat


South Carolina – Vitality Health now serving Greater Charleston, South Carolina.

”We will support you with “The Weight Loss Cure” protocol (Kevin Trudeau / Dr. Simeon). We also offer the latest in natural anti-aging, natural hormone balancing, and chiropractic pain relief. All of our methods are focused on assisting you to reach your greatest health potential. Please call 843.766.1969 for more information.”