Hcg Diet Protocol and MCT Oil

The Hcg Diet and MCT Oil: Yes or No?

Are MCT oils allowed on the Hcg Diet? In the original Simeons protocol, no added oils or fats are permitted during Phase 2.  In fact, the requirements not only prohibit adding oil to your meals, but also warn against oils in soaps and cosmetics. Added fat can cause stalls and gains, presumably because the HCG… read more »

HCG Diet phase 3 foods list

HCG Diet Phase 3 Foods List – Approved foods for P3 |HCG Diet Info

We’ve prepared the ultimate guide to the Hcg Diet Phase 3 Food List including the original protocol and all eating guidelines. This page is intended to make the transition from P2, easy for you. If you are unsure about how to transition from P2 to P3, it is easiest to stick to the original Hcg… read more »

Phase 3 Superfoods - Cucumber Salad with Eggs

Hcg Diet Phase 3 Super Foods

A Fabulous List of Super Foods for Phase 3 of the Hcg Diet Phase 3 is a great time to start adding healthy foods that will not only maintain your weight loss, but also offer incredibly health benefits.  One of the best parts is that you’ll be able to get your fix of healthy omega meats… read more »

500 Calorie Menu VLCD Foods

Original HCG 500 Calorie Diet with Sample Menu (VLCD)

The original Hcg Diet includes a 500 calorie diet, or “VLCD” (very low calorie diet) as outlined by Dr. Simeons in his Manuscript, “Pounds and Inches.”  This menu includes a very specific list of allowed foods, along with eating guidelines that are meant to be followed precisely.    Original 500 Calorie Diet Foods List, Menu and… read more »

Hcg Diet Food List - Approved Foods for Phase 2

HCG Diet Plan Food List | Approved HCG Diet Foods

The Hcg Diet Plan includes a specific food list and strict eating guidelines outlined by award-winning endocrinologist, Dr. A.T.W. Simeons. Be sure to read through this entire page for instructions and tips on how and what to eat during phase 2 of the protocol, correctly, for best results. Original HCG Diet Phase 2 Foods List… read more »

Hcg Diet Grocery List

Hcg Diet Grocery List – Ultimate Shopping List

Hcg Diet Grocery Shopping List Hey guys! I saw a few requests in the forums for an Hcg Diet Grocery List and Shopping List for the Hcg Diet Protocol (summary.) I had shared the “official” version based on the Pounds and Inches manuscript, but this list has a nice modern update to it (thanks to a… read more »