About REAL hcg diet drops - prescription and homeopathic

Hcg Drops: Homeopathic vs. Prescription and REAL vs. Fake

HCG drops have become an extremely popular option for Hcg dieters.  In fact, for those individuals who are eager to forego injections, drops can be the perfect choice.  The truth is, there are plenty of reasons to choose liquid Hcg for the protocol, and here are just a few…. What You Need to Know About… read more »

Hcg Diet Drops Directions

HCG Diet Drop Directions – How to Take HCG Drops Correctly

Hcg Diet Drop Directions, Instructions and Tips for Taking Them Correctly.  Hcg Diet Drops Directions and How to take drops for maximum absorption. These instructions are for both, legitimate  prescription Hcg diet drops, and legitimate homeopathic Hcg diet drops. These are NOT to be confused with fake drops which are hormone free and contain no… read more »

HCG Hormone: What you need to know | HCG DIET INFO

Switching to real hCG, drops or pellets isn’t hard. IF you have discovered your hCG is homeopathic and want to change to real pharmaceutical hCG are the quick and easy steps to take you from starvation mode and muscle loss to your body releasing fat. So how does one switch to real pharmaceutical hCG drops… read more »

Oral HCG Diet Drops for Weight Loss

Oral hCG for weight loss in most clinics remains based on The Dr. Simeons hCG Diet plan: hCG combined with a very low 500 calorie a day diet.  Said to be as effective as hCG Diet Injections, Oral hCG diet plans have grown in popularity worldwide. Why, you ask?  Oral hCG eliminates one aspect of the… read more »

HCG Diet Menu Tips

Here they are- quick tips to maximize your hCG Diet weight loss!  For those hCG Dieters who want to make the most of their HCG Diet efforts, here are a few metabolism-raising tips that will help you maximize your weight loss results. 1. Take a multivitamin and the right nutritional supplements. When your body has… read more »

Tips for HCG Dieters

How to Switch from Homeopathic HCG to REAL Prescription HCG

Many people order homeopathic HCG drops only to learn they not only do not contain any actual HCG hormone, but instead contain little more than amino acids, water and alcohol, defeating the entire purpose of using HCG for weight loss.   Why?  Because aside from the lack of HCG to trigger the distinct chain reaction that has made… read more »

HCG Diet Mixing How To

Sublingual Mixing and Dosage

hCG Diet Resource:  Easy Guide to Sublingual Mixing and Dosage provided by Grammy1952, HDI moderator, hCG Diet Specialist and the guru behind “Grammy’s Groupies” the most popular thread in the hCG Diet Forums for questions and super-answers! Sublingual Mixing and Dosage Most buy 5000 iu vials of hcg. You will need 3 5000 iu vials… read more »

HCG Diet Pills, Drops and Injections: Which is Best? | HCG DIET INFO

Which is Best, HCG Diet Drops, HCG Pellets, Tablets or HCG Injections? As long as they are real hCG pills, shots or injections, you cannot go wrong.  So many people sell fake hCG or homeopathic hCG drops or fake pills that it’s hard to know whats real let alone where to go to buy any form… read more »