Time Between Rounds: Hcg Diet Plan

Why it’s Important to Wait the Specified Times Between Rounds

I’m at my goal weight now, after following the HCG Diet protocol. I waited the suggested times between rounds and followed protocol as exactly as I could, losing over 75 pounds. I’m wearing 4’s and 6’s at a weight which previously had me in 12’s. That is so amazing— I know first-hand that HCG produces… read more »

HCG Injections for Weight Loss

Over 39% of the population is now considered obese, with the annual healthcare expenses of an overweight individual, exceeding $1,400. (Source: CDC Obesity Statistics.) Fortunately, one of the fastest growing practices in medicine is the treatment of obesity through rapid medical weight loss. These treatments come in a number of options including gastro bypass surgery, extensive… read more »

HCG Hormone: What you need to know | HCG DIET INFO

Switching to real hCG, drops or pellets isn’t hard. IF you have discovered your hCG is homeopathic and want to change to real pharmaceutical hCG are the quick and easy steps to take you from starvation mode and muscle loss to your body releasing fat. So how does one switch to real pharmaceutical hCG drops… read more »


Adjusting Your HCG Dosage for the HCG Diet

This blog column is by Colleen Coble. She is also known as “Grammy,” our forum’s highly regarded Chief Moderator. Colleen is recognized as a leading expert on the HCG Diet and has guided millions of people through the HCG Diet in our forums. What many people don’t know, is that Grammy is also a best selling, award winning author. If… read more »

HCG Diet Injections Guide - How to for sub cutaneous shots

How to Inject Hcg Diet Shots – Subcutaneous and Intramuscular Injections

SubQutaneous and Intramuscular Hcg Injections. What you will need: One alcohol wipe. Vial containing the injectable medication. The correct size needle and syringe (included in your package) You may want to use gloves for your protection or the protection of the person getting the shot. You will need a Sharps Container for safe discard of… read more »

Preparing HCG injections for weight loss – Mixing Instructions

How to mix Hcg weight loss shots for injection Mixing Procedure, Measurement Variations, Safety and Disposal of Syringes, Notes and Helpful Information. Watch the NU Image Medical Mixing Instructions Video   How hCG injections for weight loss are prepared is mixed from powder concentrate form are as follows. – Compliments of CaseyA. Determining your dosage Preparation according to… read more »

HCG Diet Injections Guide - How to for sub cutaneous shots

About HCG Diet Needles and Syringes

HCG Diet needles and syringes used for the protocol might sound intimidating to some.  To help you out, we’ve put together a quick introduction to understanding the various parts and lengths to get you started. The Basic Parts of HCG Diet Needles and Syringes There are three main pieces to what is collectively referred to… read more »

How HCG Vials Work – HCG Buy Guide Tip #8

Prescription HCG used for the HCG diet is sold in vials of 5,000iu.  All HCG vials contain this amount of HCG powder.  The “iu” is a measurement of the amount and means “international unit” so even HCG purchased overseas comes in this amount. For Injections:  1 Vial of 5,000iu HCG will last approximately 3 to… read more »

What you need to know about HCG Injections.

There’s No Need to Worry About HCG Shots HCG injections are integral to this weight loss plan, helping you to lose up to two pounds daily when combined with a strict calorie controlled diet and additional supplements to support your metabolism. However, although it is hard to dispute the results of this program, the thought… read more »