Now that I have your attention…. Do I worry that it’s potentially dangerous to do the injections? No. My current worry takes a bit of a different path. And at the risk of possibly offending some people (not my intention), an old vet feels the need to speak out.

We live today in an age where we have immediate access to information and communication. We want a weight-loss program that is just as immediate, and the Hcg Diet fits the bill. But is the Hcg Diet the best way to KEEP your weight off? From someone who has lost 100# using it, it might surprise you that my answer is, “NO.” But before you panic, let me explain….

Hcg Diet 169

I know there are many, many people here who cleaned up their diet, exercised regularly, and still couldn’t lose weight prior to doing this protocol. Hcg Diet has been a godsend for them, as it has been for me. But there are also those who are young and healthy, they don’t eat right, they don’t exercise, and they could probably lose weight fairly easily by changing their lifestyle. Please understand, I do not say this in judgment. Losing weight quickly is much more rewarding, and many would argue that losing it by using the Hcg Diet is superior, for many reasons.

But the protocol alone is not enough. I am saddened as I see so many people return to the forum having gained all or most of their weight back. Some of them didn’t “earn” that weight gain- they probably have a medical issue that hasn’t yet been discovered and addressed. Others gained it back because they returned to unhealthy eating habits and a lifestyle that is too sedentary. Hcg Diet has it’s disadvantages- for when you tell yourself, “I can always do another round”, it’s easy to let that 3# gain turn into 5, or 8, or 12. That can set up a vicious cycle of losing weight quickly during Phase 2 (P2), and gaining it back just as quickly in Phase 3 (P3) or Phase 4 (P4). And research shows that repetitive cycles of losing weight and gaining it back are actually more detrimental to your health than staying overweight.

So my bottom line is that it’s not enough to just lose the weight. You MUST change the parts of your life that contributed to you gaining weight in the first place. So if you are in Phase 2 (P2) and counting the days until you can have a Big Mac again, I fear that you’re setting yourself up to fail.

We all know people who eat all kinds of junk and never gain an ounce. We are not those people. 🙂 If we gained weight eating it in the first place, we’ll gain weight when we eat it again. We hear the phrase that we can “eat normally” after the protocol- but that does not include eating large amounts of sugar and starch, or food that is highly processed and full of chemicals. Can we eat it occasionally, or in small amounts? Yes. But that is also difficult, as it can be a slippery slope. For many of us, the concept of moderation is a difficult one.

When I started losing weight I wanted to reach my goal, be “done”, and never have to think about it again. I now know that’s not realistic for me. I have to stay on top of my game every day- but that’s ok. I’ve learned that I don’t need to wait for the finish line, but that I can be content in the journey. 🙂

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