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  • Diet Doc Coupon Codes for Hcg Discounts for 2018

    In 2002, I lost 88 lbs with the Hcg Diet, and another 45 lbs of baby weight in 2017 with Nu Image and Diet Doc. I kept the weight off, and transformed my life leading me to start the first Hcg Diet site: Hcgdietinfo.com. 10+ years later, 100 million visits, 2 million pages, countless lives changes… this has become the highlight of my Hcg Diet Journey. Welcome!

    Diet Doc Coupon Codes and Exclusive Offers

    SHORTCODE ERROR: ThirstyAffiliates did not detect a valid link id, please check your short code! coupon codes, sales and exclusive offers for Hcgdietinfo.com readers are featured on this page. Want notices for these sales in your email?  Subscribe to our newsletter! 

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    Us the above coupon code to get free B12 AND free Lipootropics when you buy a 2 months supply of Hcg Injections at the current Hcg Diet Info discounted price.  Total savings of $258.  

    This offer includes Hcg injections or tablets, all supplies needed, your prescription, 1 on 1 consult with a medical doctor, and 1 year access to a licensed nutritionist for long term weight management and healthy living guidance.



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    In addition to US made, high quality prescription Hcg injections and tablets, Diet Doc rocks when it comes to providing outstanding Hcg Diet support for your weight loss journey.  All Diet Doc patients receive outstanding support by a professional medical doctor and licensed nutritionists for 1 year!  This is a value of thousands of dollars and one that I highly recommend taking advantage of.  Their staff of Hcg Diet experts are supportive of your preferred Hcg Diet protocol.  That means, if you want to follow the original protocol of 500 calories based on the manuscript by Dr. Simeons, their team will happily offer guidance and support.  If you prefer to go with a “rogue” Hcg Diet protocol, they will also support you in that approach.  This is the only Hcg Diet supplier that offers this approach and I greatly appreciate them for this!


    How to Use Diet Doc Coupon Codes


    How to use diet doc coupon codes

    • Step 2:  Select the HDI discounted 30 or 60-day supply of hCG (your choice of Hcg injections OR Hcg tablets)

    Diet Doc Coupon Code to Buy hCG Injections or Tablets

    • Step 3:  Select any add-on’s you would like for your order such as MIC/Lipo injections.

    Step3: Select a Diet Doc Coupon Code Hcg Sale "Add-on" for Free

    • Step 4: Select “Confirm Services” at the bottom of the page

    Diet Doc Coupon Codes: "Confirm Services" at bottom Hcg sales page.

    • Step 5:  Enter one of the Diet Doc coupon codes listed above. You will see an additional $20 or $40 discount on top of your already low HcgDietInfo.com price.

    Enter Diet Doc Coupon Codes here - "HDIHCG" - Diet Doc Hcg Sale



    That’s it!  You’re all set and ready to go!  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask the Diet Doc chat box at the lower right of their site, or email me directly –  hdihealth *@* gmail.com.  If you have questions about where to buy hCG online, feel free to stop by my Hcg Buy-Guide!

    Jeni loves the Hcg Diet and Tea

    Previous Diet Doc Coupon Codes to Buy Hcg Kits:

    Previous Diet Doc Coupon Codes:


    Spring Madness sale STARTS TOMORROW, MARCH 18TH TO MARCH 26, 2018.  


    Diet Doc coupon code for April: Buy Hcg Kit with 2 Vials of HCG with B12 inside – $359 (save $40), and receive a Free Lipotropic injections vial (save $99) for a total savings of $139!
    Diet Doc Coupon code: SPRINGHCG
    Remember, Diet Doc Hcg Kits are part of a complete program that includes your doctor consult, prescription, all supplies, extensive coaching and even nutritionist access for 1 full year!  This is an amazing company and I highly recommend them for those who like a great deal.

    Exclusive JANUARY Diet Doc Hcg Coupon Codes offer!

    • Diet Doc Coupon code: HDI20off 
    Sale offer:  1 vial hCG + All supplies + B12 injections + expert coaching + nutritionist for 1 year.  $20 off
    • Diet Doc Coupon code: HDI40off
    Sale offer:  2 vials hCG + All supplies + B12 injections expert coaching + nutritionist for 1 year   $40 off
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