What to Eat on the HCG Diet Plan

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  1. Good afternoon,

    This is my first day on Phase 2, I ordered my injections from New Edge.and my goal is goal is 20 pounds. I will log back in after a couple of days.

  2. im 14 days in and have lost 8.4 lbs. im being super careful of cheats. soooo frustrating. im going to switch to taking the shot at night because im so unmodivated and tired. hope it helps.

    1. Hello Molly,

      You know, that’s not actually a bad weight loss rate- it’s over half a pound a day! I know it’s not as much as many people lose on the diet, but it is still a really great loss rate if you think about it. If you want to kick it up a notch, you can try a few things- 1. Make sure you are drinking at least half of your body weight in oz’s of water every day. This is so commonly overlooked but it makes a HUGE difference in losses. Also, if you aren’t already, you can add a mile of walking every day. Lastly, you may want to consider getting a Fitbook on Amazon. I have used these for years and they are so handy for discovering those pesky little factors that are causing issues. You can calculate your calories and make sure you really are reaching 500. Double-check ingredients and make sure there are no hidden sugars anywhere. etc etc. Best of all, you can identify which days you are losing the best and create a routine to repeat that success. This last tip is huge for me- once you have found a “routine” that works, you just keep going back to that day after day!

  3. Lisa Anderson says:

    Jen….HELP!! I started this diet 9 days ago. I am struggling bad with the food. I eat the apples, I am screwed on the veggies. I like lettuce, onion, and maybe a tomatoe. Hate seafood. So that is not a whole lot to eat. I am getting frustrated. I am starving and not much I can eat? Help

    1. Hello Lisa,

      So sorry for the delayed response- I’ve been moving this week and it is not an easy task with a very active toddler!

      Here is my advice… learn to love veggies. Not just for the diet, but for your maintenance afterward- skinny living is easiest when you love healthy foods. It’s not as difficult as you would think, I promise. I used to hate vegetables myself- now I love quite a lot of them and really enjoy finding ways to make them appealing. For example, I will make my famed chili (recipe on hcgdietinforecipes.com) and make it a point to add lots of zucchini and squash. I’m not a huge fan of onion, but I will add that too, as well as cut up spinach. I add these in the last hour of cooking so they don’t get mushy; I just don’t like mushy overcooked vegetables. Even my toddler loves this chili! He will pull the zucchini out and just eat those. With other vegetables, you can try going heavy on the spices- I will do a chicken dish in crushed tomatoes with spinach- I will cut the spinach up pretty small and it just sort of adds to the sauce and garlic. Honestly, when you go out and eat at the most amazing restaurants- if it wasn’t for those amazing spices they use, it would taste awful! Have you picked up Tammy Skye’s hcg diet cookbook? I highly recommend it: http://amzn.to/2bvWknm You can use this as a jumping point and explore from there! I hope this helps, Lisa!

  4. Sonia Ball says:

    Today is my first day after loading. Already have a headache and am so hungry. I am determined to make it through!

    1. Hi Sonia! Make sure you are drinking A LOT of water. I have suffered through those early start headaches myself and I honestly think it’s shedding those toxins my body became addicted to. I used to get horrid migraines… until I cut out dairy and started eating organic. Hmmm… makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Also, if you are hungry, make sure you are actually eating the allotted amount of food for your protocol. It seems strange, but it’s still easy to fall short. If I am still hungry and feel I need more, then I increase my vegetable intake until I feel comfortable. This approach has always worked well for me and it’s created a love for vegetables 🙂

  5. paulina risien says:

    I used hcg and went down 10 dress sizes in three months but started loosing my hair the dermatologist told me
    I was suffering from malutrion. I kept it off for 10 years but I went through a crisis and gained it back.
    I just finished a program of three months and lost 50 lbs but only lost 1 dress size. What happened.
    the first time I was in my twenties and now I am 67..

    1. Wow 10 dress sizes in 3 months is quite the achievement! (That’s even an understatement!) You know, there are so many variables with this diet and with our approach… it could be any number of reasons. I do know that my best loss rates are when I include yoga and stay active. My waist shrinks so much faster! I do know that each time I lose weight, or even approach a workout “challenge” with yoga or pilates, I will often lose in a different way, or suddenly notice my shoulders shaped differently, or my rear end lifted higher this time etc. I tend to attribute it to the way I am moving physically at that time and my diet. I also believe over time, our body chemistry shifts and what works one way at one time, may have different results at another.

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