Hcg Diet Exercise Plans: How to Exercise on the Hcg Diet Plan

Hcg Diet exercise and workout plans for all levels of fitness… plus, how to learn to LOVE exercise! I get a lot of comments about the Hcg Diet and exercise. Most consist of, “Should I, or shouldn’t I exercise on the Hcg Diet?” (the answer is yes) but I also get a lot of, “Ugh,… read more »

5 Simple Ways to Stay Active on the HCG Diet Plan

You have just started your HCG Diet protocol and you are wondering if there is anything you can do to improve your results even further. The objective of the diet is not only weight loss but also general health improvement. It is only reasonable to incorporate physical activity and maybe even a little exercise, into your… read more »

Exercise Hcg Diet and Walking

by Lata Tokhi The greatest myth about walking as an exercise is that walking helps only in reducing your weight and not toning your body the way you want it, by removing fat from specific parts of your body. Gym exercises and Swimming are looked upon as better options when body toning is in question.… read more »

Exercise and hCG – Tips for your success

Starting Exercise on the hCG Plan If you are new to the hCG diet and contemplating exercise while following this very low-calorie diet, you may be looking for some guidance with regards to physical activity on 500 calories a day. As you might imagine, the dietary restrictions in place will influence the best type of activity to choose. However,… read more »

Supplements for the HCG Diet Plan

Supplements Can Support Exercise while Following the HCG Plan – Part 1 Although exercise is not essential while following the hCG diet, gentle training can offer a number of benefits to boost the effects of following this plan. Firstly, it helps to support the production of lean body mass. While you may not see the number on… read more »

Sauna for Weight Loss

Can you lose wait just sitting in the sauna? There is actually a lot more to it than you would think. Sitting in an appropriately heated sauna raises the heart rate significantly and has effects on the internal system that do in fact burn calories. I personally have used the sauna for weight loss and… read more »

HCG Diet Exercise Callanetics Review

Callanetics Exercise on the hCG Diet Callanetics exercise is and non-strenuous exercise regime that started in the 1970’s by Callan Pinckney. It combines a more effective approach to traditional isotonic/isometric exercise that delivers quick visible results in as little as 10 days. Callanetics is unique exercises regime that is based on slow, deliberate repetitive muscle… read more »

hCG Diet Exercise Melt Method Review

What is the Melt Method? The Melt Method is a patented method of non-touch bodywork. Bodywork is a term used to describe therapeutic healing by touch or manipulation such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Kinesiology, Yoga, and other mind body modalities. What makes the Melt Method a great exercise on the hCG diet that has… read more »