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  • Exercise and hCG – Tips for your success

    In 2002, I lost 88 lbs with the Hcg Diet Plan, and another 45 lbs after having a baby in 2017 with Nu Image and Diet Doc. I kept the weight off, and transformed my life to the point that I actually love kale. I also love helping people, which is why I started the first Hcg Diet site: Hcgdietinfo.com. Over 10 years later, 100 million readers, and 2 million pages, HDI has helped millions of people, and has become the highlight of my Hcg Diet Journey.

    Starting Exercise on the hCG Plan

    If you are new to the hCG diet and contemplating exercise while following this very low-calorie diet, you may be looking for some guidance with regards to physical activity on 500 calories a day. As you might imagine, the dietary restrictions in place will influence the best type of activity to choose. However, even when choosing a suitable form of exercise, there are a number of additional points to bear in mind to successfully maintain physical activity while following the hCG plan.

    Be realistic

    When your daily calorie intake is just 500Kcal, you are likely to struggle if you opt for an intense exercise program. If you have previously been a regular at the gym or taken part in spinning classes or an activity such as cross-fit while dieting, you may need to look towards another form of activity when following the hCG very low-calorie plan. A daily walk, participating in low-impact aerobics, swimming and yoga are good activities to try when on this diet, particularly if you have not exercised for some time. Besides considering the intensity of the exercise you participate in, you may also find it helpful to set goals regarding your weekly activity. By planning when you will work out, doing so increases the chances of you being able to successfully incorporate the exercise into your week. However, you may not want to be too specific regarding the length of the sessions or exactly what you plan to achieve in them, as this may be best decided at the start of each session, depending on your energy levels. If you would like to keep track of your goals, you may like to use a site such as socialworkout.com to help you to plan and monitor your progress. However, when weighing yourself, remember that regular exercise can enhance muscle mass, so weight loss may slow when you are more active.

    Choose an enjoyable activity

    Although the intensity of the activity is important, it’s essential that you choose a physical pursuit that you will enjoy. Choosing an activity that appeals to you will make you more likely to stick with it, while you will soon lose interest if you choose an activity that holds no appeal to you.Therefore if you usually go to the gym and can’t imagine any other activity, modify your workout to take into account your reduced calorie intake on the hCG program. Alternatively, if you love the outdoors and the gym or an indoor sports hall would be hard to cope with, hiking, cycling or riding might be more appropriate.

    Exercise with others

    If you struggle to maintain your motivation, exercising with family, friends or co-workers can be a good option, as you can encourage each other and offer support, so when you don’t feel like exercising they will spur you on and vice versa. They don’t necessarily have to be on the hCG plan themselves, they just need to share your enthusiasm for a particular form of activity; you can always visit the online hCG forum for advice and support regarding physical activity while following the diet. However, if you can’t find exercise buddies within your social circle, you can always look to join in with group activities. Your local sports center or community center is bound to offer exercise classes and the opportunity to try out new activities; even if you have no experience, there will usually be a range of groups for beginners.

    Reward your progress

    When you manage to stick to your exercise regime, rewarding yourself for doing so makes sense, as it will spur you on to maintain your workout and evidence shows this to be the case. Obviously, these rewards shouldn’t take the form of food, but there are many options that would be compatible when following a weight loss plan. For instance, you could treat yourself to a relaxing massage, a new item of clothing to exercise in or some quality time to yourself. If you plan to use rewards, it’s helpful to decide when you will treat yourself, which might be at the end of each week, fortnight or month of maintaining your exercise plan. However, do bear in mind that smaller rewards given more frequently tend to be more helpful in reinforcing behaviors.

    No matter what exercise you choose, always be sure to listen to your body. Don’t try to do too much too soon, especially if you are trying a new activity, and if you develop any symptoms such as dizziness, muscle cramps, unusual pain or palpitations, it’s a sign that it’s time to stop. This way you can be sure to exercise safely on the hCG diet.


    1. I’ve been on the HCG a Diet. My last day be soon. I’ve lost 25 pounds. The beginning was tough. I hope to continue eating as healthy as I can.

    2. I have been on HCG injectable since 1/2/15 and have been more lax about the diet and can I still continue the diet?

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