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  • Win a FitBit by sharing your Best Hcg Diet Recipes!

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    We’re holding a FitBit contest for all you Hcg Diet Recipe whiz’s!

    I’m a HUGE fan of my FitBit Alta HR, and I’m also a huge fan of putting together resources for the Hcg Diet community.  What better way to enjoy both than by sharing a whole lotta FitBit love, while also encouraging the Hcg Diet Info family to create an incredibly useful recipe resource for their fellow Hcg Dieters!

    Hcg Diet Recipe Contest Details

    Here’s how it works-  Simply go to Hcg Diet Info Recipes (hcgdietinforecipes.com beta) and add your favorite Hcg Diet Recipes to the database with at least one photo.

    For each recipe submitted, you will be entered into the drawing one time. Add as many recipes as you’d like, to increase your drawing submissions.  That’s right, for EACH recipe you share, you get one more chance to win.  This means, if you add 63 recipes, you have 63 chances to win!

    *The winner will receive a brand new FitBit Alta HR, in the color of their choice!*

    Recipes can include entrees, soups, desserts, salads and beverages-  any Hcg Diet recipe you’d like to share, and for any of the 4 phases of the Hcg Diet.  Any recipe you think would be helpful for your fellow Hcg Dieters, is welcome!  Share your favorite loading treats and sweets, helpful phase 2 go-to meals, and tasty phase 3 masterpieces.  Get creative or go minimal- anything goes!

    Hcg Diet Recipe Contest Deadline

    The contest begins NOW, and runs through the 15th of December.  On that day, we’ll post a video of the entries and the drawing itself, announcing the winner on Instagram (@hcgdietinfo). That means one lucky winner will have their shiny new FitBit Alta HR well before Christmas to keep for themselves or give as a gift!

    Feel free to email me with any questions you may have about the contest! hdihealth (@) gmail, or feel free to ask in the Hcg Diet forums under the Hcg Diet Recipes section.

    Get cooking and good luck!

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