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After having over 100 million readers to this blog, it’s safe to say I have seen my…


HDI has received so many success stories (Success Story of 90 lb HCG Diet Weight…


oh my god, guys! I found this Root Beer flavored stevia at this place called Jennifer’s Pharmacy (which is like a soda shop/gifts/health/Pharmacy) where i live. (in St. Louis) i know you can for sure find it online. I have the brand. …


Wuyi EnsembleOolong tea from the Wuyi mountains in the Fujian province of China. Wuyi Oolong grows defiantly in the gaps of the mountainous rock, rendering cultivation both arduous and spellbindingly beautiful. This tea is famous for its ”dragonfly’s head, frog’s limbs and three colors.” The latter refers to the green, red and brown colors found


Yogi TeaFasting tea is made with Organic Red Clover (Trifilium pratense) and Garcinia Fruit (Garcinia cambogia) and is designed to help support a healthy weight loss program, as it aids digestive functions, supports the metabolism and encourages internal cleansing. The tea includes hydroxy-citric acid that is found in the Garcinia Fruit, native to Southeast Asia. This naturally occurring substance has been