Weight Loss Calculators and Measurements Weight Loss Calculators and Measurements

Here are a few FREE calculators to help you with your weight loss and healthy living journey. Be sure to bookmark and check back frequently to calculate along your diet journey.

4 Body Weight Calculators on this Page:

  • Weight Loss Calculator
  • Activity Calorie Burn Calculator
  • Daily Calorie Intake Calculator

Tip: You must type a number into EACH box. 

1. Weight Loss Goal Calculator: How much weight should I lose? (My ideal body weight)

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Calculate how much weight you want to lose and determine how much weight you can lose and by when. On the Hcg Diet, the average weight loss is approximately .5 to .9 lbs. per day, with men (Hcg for Men) losing .8 to 1.5 lbs. per day. A single round of treatment on the Hcg protocol, is approximately 26 to 40 days.  (Hint: the longer you are on, the lower the daily loss average, but the higher the overall results.)

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2. BMI Calculator: What is my BMI? (Body Mass Index)

What is BMI (Body Mass Index)?  This is a measure of body fat based on each individual’s height and weight. It is used to measure body fat levels and associated health risks. The lower the BMI, the lower the health risks. The higher the BMI, the higher the health risks. The high end of the BMI spectrum is referred to as “obese” and is a red flag for serious health risks including various diseases such as coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, gallstones, and specific cancers. Those with lower BMI’s are considered to be in the “healthy” range and have much lower risks for these health concerns.

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3. Activity Calculator: How many calories did I burn?

Calculate your activity daily, and keep track of how many calories you are burning.

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4. Daily Calorie Intake Calculator: How many calories should I be eating? (when not trying to lose weight)

All foods and calories are not equal, but it can be helpful to calculate an appropriate calorie count based on your own profile.  Remember however, that it is more important to focus on eating, whole, healthy foods to maintain a healthy weight. For example, the calorie makeup of avocados may be high, but it consists of calories from healthy fats and proteins. This is much more nourishing and an easier fuel for your body to use, compared to a highly processed “low calorie, low fat” prepackaged diet food.  (Example: Avocados are better than a lower calorie, reduced fat diet bar.)

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