About REAL hcg diet drops - prescription and homeopathic About REAL hcg diet drops - prescription and homeopathic

Hcg Drops: Homeopathic vs. Prescription and REAL vs. Fake

HCG drops have become an extremely popular option for Hcg dieters.  In fact, for those individuals who are eager to forego injections, drops can be the perfect choice.  The truth is, there are plenty of reasons to choose liquid Hcg for the protocol, and here are just a few…. What You Need to Know About… read more »

The NEW HCG Diet by Dr. Emma The NEW HCG Diet by Dr. Emma

What to Eat on The New HCG Diet Plan

There are significant differences between the Original HCG Diet and Dr. Emma’s New HCG Diet Plan.  While the Original 1950’s version of the HCG Diet required a strict and rigid 500 Calorie menu, some doctors believe this has been proven to make the diet more difficult than it needs to be.  The new approach offers a… read more »

Viagra for Women?

Female Viagra Is An Urban Myth That Just May Come True By Kalwant Rana In 1988 sex lives for men received a major boost with the arrival of Pfizer’s Viagra. But what about women? Surely there should have been a female Viagra, I mean don’t women need some kind of marital aid? It has been… read more »

HCG Diet Provider Directory – Hcg Doctors and Clinics Near You

Once upon a time, the HCG Diet was not yet widely published or recognized as a legitimate weight loss path.  Because of this, it was extremely difficult to find a doctor or medical professional that would prescribe and oversee the HCG Diet Plan for a patient.  That is why this page was created, however today,… read more »