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  • What is the HCG Diet Plan?


    The HCG Diet Plan is a medical hormone diet that involves taking a small dosage of HCG hormone (injections, drops, or pellets) while following a very low calorie diet (VLCD) ranging from 500 calories to 1200 calories depending on the protocol being followed. The  Average reported weight loss is .5 to .8 lbs per day.

    What is The Original HCG Diet Plan?

    The Original HCG Diet Plan was first published in 1954, by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, a medical doctor out of Rome, Italy.  His manuscript, “Pounds and Inches” was first published in 1954 with several revisions over the years. The original protocol calls for a small dosage of HCG hormone administered through injections, and a rigid 500 calorie food list (VLCD very low calorie diet) and little room for variety.  Since then however, the original protocol has evolve based on modern research, technology and even the availability of new food and supplement options.  Dr. Simeons’ protocol insisted that exercise was not necessary for his protocol.

    Today, the most commonly followed protocols are based on the original HCG Diet with a few improvements that not only make the diet easier, but also benefit overall health and future weight maintenance.  Common modern adjustments to this protocol include using HCG Drops or HCG Pellets in place of HCG injections.  Homeopathic HCG is used as well, although these do not have actual HCG hormone in them and are commonly reported to have different results than protocols with REAL HCG hormone.  Exercise is also implemented, and the food list is adjusted to include food options that still fit the defined limits of Simeons original diet.

    What is the New HCG Diet Plan, seen on Dr. Oz?

    You may have seen a new version of the HCG Diet Plan on Dr. Oz, CNN or the Morning Show, etc., referred to as “The New HCG Diet.”  This version of the diet varies greatly from the original, with a somewhat slower weight loss rate of .20 lbs per day (reported average) a calorie intake that is tailored to the individual’s BRM, and a much more lenient food list.  This version of the protocol is very pro-exercise.  Supplements and protein shakes are encouraged on this version of the diet.  This version typically allows the use of HCG administered as injections, drops, pellets, and homeopathic HHCG (which contains no HCG hormone.)


    The right HCG Diet Plan is the one that is right for YOU based on your needs and goals. One great thing about the HCG Diet is just how many protocol variations there are. This gives you the freedom to choose one you feel comfortable with.

    How to Choose the Right HCG Diet Plan and Protocol for You.

    For your convenience,we have provided a list of all HCG Diet Plans and their protocol overviews. You can read through these here: HCG Diet Plans & Protocols.

    Our best tip for making this simple, is to simply choose one of the recommended HCG suppliers on our Buy HCG page. These suppliers provide top quality, US Made HCG injections, drops and pellets. They also offer complete instructions and all supplies. Simply order from them (and enjoy the HDI reader discounts and freebies) and they will deliver your HCG, all supplies needed, complete instructions and guidebooks. Plus, they offer coaching and support as needed, 7 days a week.

    Tips for choosing the right HCG Diet protocol:

    • First, decide which you prefer: HCG Injections, drops or pellets/pills.  Chances are, you already have one in mind.  If you still need help deciding, read, “Which HCG Diet Form is Right for Me?”
    • Determine how much support you will need.
    • You WILL have questions throughout the diet- feel free to join our forums for support. There are specific groups for different protocols and every month has it’s own group of starters. You are guaranteed to have HCG Diet-buddies!
    • Consider a complete HCG Diet Program when you purchase your HCG. In the past,



    Once you have decided on which HCG Diet Plan is right for you,

    Getting Started Checklist

    1. Gather your sources and support.  HDI’s Official Guide to the HCG Diet PlanBooks, Products, Join the HCG Diet Forums for support.
    2. Choose an HCG provider: Order your HCG and supplies.  We suggest selecting a provider that offers a complete HCG Diet Program rather than going the HCG Do-it-yourself (DIY) route. Research has shown that dieters who choose a complete program over DIY, have an 86% higher success rate and far less challenges along the way.  Recommended HCG Diet Programs.
    3. Establish an exercise routine: Exercise is not only a great way to amplify your HCG weight loss, but it is also an essential part of keeping the weight off.  Read our guide to exercising on the HCG diet and make a plan!
    4. Establish a menu plan, and gather your HCG Diet recipes. By preparing your approach to food now, you can have a kitchen that is HCG Diet-friendly, making meal time decisions easier and without temptation to stray from your protocol.  Read, Sample Menus and HCG Diet Recipes.
    5. Prepare for challenges. Determine how you will approach challenges, beforehand.
    6. Reward your progress.  Decide what your rewards will be, not just for your end goal, but for different points of your progress. Make your final reward a good one- you’ve earned it!

    Eating on the HCG Diet

    With the new HCG diet protocols permitting an customized calorie diet, dieters are now permitted a significant amount of leeway with their menu.  Portions remain closely monitored while the menu options have expanded greatly and protein/nutritional shakes are now only allowed, but highly recommended.  The reason for this?  The HCG diet has evolved to focus more on meeting the body’s nutritional needs for long term health, than simply quick and easy weight loss.  This means, dieters are encouraged to meet their body’s needs for essential protein, vitamins, and other nutrition values.

    “The HCG Diet has evolved to focus more on meeting the body’s nutritional needs for long term health, than simply quick and easy weight loss.”

    • Food Lists for the NEW HCG Diet.
    • Samples Menus for the New HCG Diet.
    • How to tailor your HCG Diet Calorie intake.
    • How to tailor your HCG Diet Menu

    Recipes for the HCG Diet

    There are now countless HCG Diet Recipes available online and a number of quality HCG Diet Recipe Cookbooks through Amazon. It is important to take note of your own individual needs as a dieter however, and stick to what your own body needs.  One way to do this is by preparing ahead of time with customized recipes on hand BEFORE starting the HCG Diet.  Also, have plans set ahead of time for necessary substitutions.

    • HCG Diet Recipes
    • HCG Diet Food & Cooking Substitutions
    • HCG Diet Vegan Recipes
    • HCG Diet Smoothies

    HCG Dosage

    In addition to new HCG Diet food insights, there are a number of other improvements that have evolved within the HCG Diet industry over the years. This includes a modifiable dosage that has been found to have even better results than Simeons original theory.  During the 16 years Dr. Simeons was modifying his diet, he himself changed the protocol hundreds of times, including the dosage amount.  Currently, providers typically prescribe varying dosages, none of which are necessarily wrong.  In fact, the dosage can vary and still have great results.  On occasion however, a doctor may need to modify your personal dosage to correct side effects such as hunger or stalling.  In most cases though, these can also be corrected through diet and menu adjustments.  In other words, different dosages can still work great.  Some dosages may require a few dietary tweaks (such as increasing calories through high-nutrient vegetables, or increasing protein consumption.)

    Exercise and the HCG Diet

    Exercise is another improvement amongst the new protocols.  We now know so much more about the benefits of exercise and the effects of movement and circulation on the body.  Where Dr. Simeons did not believe exercise should be a part of his weight loss regime, we now know that it is extremely useful (weight loss on the diet is increased) and necessary for longterm results.  How much exercise is right for you? This is primarily determined through your current activity level.  For example, if you have previously been very active, in most cases your HCG Diet coach will have you continue with the same routine.  If you are new to exercise however, a minimum of 20 minutes a day of low impact aerobic movement is usually recommended.  In any case, some sort of movement/exercise is now included in the protocol and has been found to be essential in an overall successful HCG Diet journey.

    Long Term Weight Loss from the HCG Diet

    The most appealing factor of the HCG Diet is the long term results millions of people have experienced. These results are impressive to say the least, and the reason for them is surprisingly simple:

    1. The HCG diet breaks food addictions.  (bye bye food cravings, sugar cravings, headaches, interest in processed foods etc.)
    2. The HCG Diet changes hormone cycles. (welcome to better sleep cycles, energy levels, etc.)
    3. The HCG diet breaks bad lifestyle habits. (feeling stuffed is no longer appealing, no longer skipping meals, mindful of nutrient intake, etc)
    4. The HCG Diet re-establishes the relationship with food, exercise and the body itself. (Imagine no longer being afraid of butter!)
    5. The HCG Diet provides an opportunity to establish a heathy lifestyle. (portion control is natural; higher energy levels inspire more activity, mindset toward food is healthy, exercise is actually appealing.)

    The truth is, any of the above factors can be the reason for the dieter’s excessive weight in the first place and the HCG Diet is a full immersion approach to changing EVERYTHING while opening the door for healthy living.

    “…the HCG Diet is a full immersion approach to changing EVERYTHING while opening the door for healthy living.”

    Can you gain the weight back? Yes. However, there is no reason for the weight to come back if the necessary lifestyle changes have been put into place.  How is this done?  A primary goal of the HCG Diet is to help you establish a new approach to taking care of your body.  If the diet has been done correctly, you will walk away with a new understanding of food cravings;  for example:  you no longer crave over-processed sugary snacks regularly, but when you do, you know it’s your body telling you something and you know how to nourish your body correctly rather than with a short term sugary fix.  Now that is a good feeling!

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