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  1. So, what has been happening with your experience using the products Tom your Riverfront MD order? I have not ordered waiting to hear what you think…

  2. Esther Newman says:


    Glad to see you here. I just ordered from Riverfront MD, and plan to start another round or two of HCG. It really is about the only thing – or I should say the best thing – that has helped me, and I’m excited to do it again. Sorry to see you have “resigned” from the forum, which I have not been on since 2012. At 79 next week, losing weight ain’t as easy as it used to be, you know? ☺
    I may be back asking questions again after I receive my order.

  3. Linda Hoyt says:

    Where is the rest of the round?

  4. Nancy Cantrell says:

    Hello. I used injections ten years ago and had great weight loss success. I’ve also done some drops but they were more trouble and I didn’t lose as quickly or as much. With the shots, each one in my thighs or stomach caused bruising. I do have some large blood vessels. The drops cause heartburn. Any suggestions on which I should do?

    1. Hello Nancy,

      I normally bruise pretty easily myself but I have never had a bruise from Hcg injections. I use the insulin needles, and they are soooo tiny. I also do them in my upper buttock or hip rather than anywhere else. I can say with 100% confidence that this works because within a day or two, I can take a pregnancy test and it will come up positive- the Hcg has definitely made it into my system and intramuscular was not necessary. I also like that the tiny insulin needles are painless- More often than not, I feel nothing at all. If you do prefer intramuscular for your own reasons, then I would suggest icing the area for a bit first. Also, make sure you let the alcohol dry (naturally; do not blow on it) so that it does not sting.

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