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  • hCG Diet Blogs Being Hacked

    Over the last few weeks, a large number of hCG Diet Blogs using the WordPress platform have been hacked, and recoded to give trojans and viruses to their unsuspecting readers. This is extremely damaging, as it not only affects search engine status but also costs the blogger current traffic and their credibility.

    Needless to say, this is also unfortunate for the hCG Diet Blogger’s time; repairing this issue is no quick fix. Bloggers usually have to completely wipe their setup and replace files to be 100% sure they’ve gotten all malware code.

    If your hCG Diet Blog has been compromised, we advise that you take these steps immediately.

    Call your host.
    -If you are placed on hold, go ahead and log into your hCG Diet Blog via FTP while you’re waiting.
    -Locate the current theme you are using in this folder: wordpress-content/themes
    -Locate the theme you are using and delete. This will revert your blog to the default theme without deleting posts and other valuable data.
    -Since most of these hackers are placing the malware code in the theme php files, this should fix the problem. Your site will no longer be giving malware to yourself or readers.
    -Upload a back up of your theme (you did back it up before all this mess right?) or use a fresh install of the theme.

    If this does not fix the problem, then the code was more than likely placed in your wordpress files and not the theme files. This will require a new install of wordpress. Most good hosting services will provide this service, especially in this situation.

    Discuss your concerns with your hosting provider. Be sure and ask them about your site’s security and how they can help you avoid this in the future. You may also want to evaluate your hCG Diet Blog’s own back up plans. WordPress offers a number of reputable back up plugins, such as wp-backup which will email you zipped back up of all posts and comments on your specified schedule. Also, in addition to this, you may want to periodically use the WordPress export feature to manually back up your hCG Diet Blog. This option is available from the sidebar under “Tools” in the wordpress administration panel. Another good idea is to manually back up your sql database from myphpadmin. This is accessible through your cpanel in most hosting accounts. If you’re not certain how to do this, your hosting provider can assist you. You may also find it reassuring to know that most hosting providers back up their servers nightly and are happy to help you recover your hCG Diet Blog.

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