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  • Are Your HCG Diet Drops Real? Tips to Buy Legitimate Hcg Diet Drops Online

    In 2002, I lost nearly 90 lbs with the Hcg Diet Plan, and another 45 lbs after having a baby in 2017 with Nu Image and Diet Doc. I kept the weight off, and transformed my life to the point that I actually love kale. I also love helping people, which is why I started the first Hcg Diet site: Hcgdietinfo.com. Over 10 years later, 100 million readers, and 2 million pages, HDI has helped millions of people lose the weight for good, and it has become the highlight of my Hcg Diet Journey.

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    Hcg Diet Drops and What You Need to Know (Really.)

    HCG Diet drops have become an extremely popular option for Hcg dieters.  In fact, for those individuals who are eager to forego Hcg injections, Hcg drops can be the perfect choice.  In fact, this is just one benefit of choosing Hcg diet drops over Hcg injections.  The truth is, there are plenty of reasons to choose Hcg diet drops for weight loss and here are just a few:

    • Homeopathic Hcg diet drops and prescription Hcg drops contain REAL Hcg (Not to be confused with companies that sell no-hormone “Hcg drops.”)
    • Hcg drops are non-invasive, which means, no needles
    • REAL Hcg drops are all natural
    • Hcg drops are an affordable medical weight loss option (compared to $1500/monthly medical weight loss clinics)
    • Homeopathic Hcg drops can be significantly less expensive than other Hcg options
    • Hcg drops are easy to use
    • Hcg drops are completely painless
    • Real Hcg drops reportedly have 0 side effects
    • Real Hcg drops can include fat burners such as lipotropics which are usually taken as injections

    Hcg drops come with plenty of benefits, but one major advantage, is how they easily available through telemedicine (so you can order, and have your prescription included) online.  They are a great option for both men and women, and the Hcg diet drops plan can be designed to work based on the individual’s needs with little effort.


    What are the Best Hcg Drops for the Hcg Diet?  There are two legitimate types of HCG Diet Drops… and one version to avoid.

    Both homeopathic Hcg diet drops and prescription Hcg diet drops have been successfully used by millions of people to lose weight.  However, choosing the wrong brand, or what are known as “fake hcg diet drops” can be a costly and unsafe mistake.  Let’s take a look at the 2 options for REAL hcg diet drops and the “hormone free” hcg drops that are not recommended to be used with the actual Hcg Diet plan.

    Prescription Hcg Diet Drops:  The fastest and most effective Hcg Diet Drops based on our HDI member reviews.

    Prescription Hcg Drops actually contain REAL prescription HCG hormone and are taken under the tongue, daily.  They include a higher dosage amount of Hcg than injections, to make up for Hcg lost in the digestive process and are quickly becoming the most popular approach for the diet.  Since these Hcg Drops have prescription grade Hcg in them, they do require a prescription and a doctor to oversee the program.  Individuals in the Hcg Diet Info Forums, have reported incredible success using prescription Hcg Drops.  They report little to no hunger, similar to the use of real Hcg injections.  The only company that currently provides prescription grade Hcg Diet Drops is Nu Image Medical. The success rate for these Hcg Diet Drops is astounding, with countless success stories available on our Success Stories page, as well as in our Hcg Diet Info Forums,as mentioned above.

    Real Prescription Hcg Diet Drops

    Homeopathic Hcg Diet Drops:

    Homeopathy has existed for centuries and is widely acclaimed for effectiveness.  It is designed around the belief that the body can heal and balance itself, when provided with specific “triggers.”  This approach is used with homeopathic Hcg diet drops, where the Hcg drops solution is prepared in a signature process of homeopathy.  The result is a form of Hcg that is not only safe, but highly effective.

    Homeopathic Hcg diet drops can be taken with other medications, whereas prescription Hcg diet drops may prohibit combining the drops with other prescriptions.  (Please check with the doctor prescribing your Hcg.)

    Homeopathic Hcg drops are also known as “HHCG diet drops” and do in fact contain real Hcg hormone, but in an extremely tiny amount.  If you prefer a more “granola” approach to your Hcg Diet, this option may be for you.  It is considered a more natural, holistic path for medical weight loss.As true with any product using a homeopathic formula, these mixtures are designed to work with your body, based on the “essence” of the ingredients.

    In the Hcg Diet Info Forums, there is a specific section for Homeopathic Hcg Diet Drop advocates, called “The Homeopathic Lounge,” with thousands of successful Hcg dieters who eagerly recommend homeopathic Hcg drops.  We have seen hundreds of Hcg Diet success stories with the largest Hcg diet drops source; Triumph 40 Hcg Drops are certainly legitimate HHCG.  Success stories can be found on their website. They also offer a very useful blog with helpful information, recipes and tips for using Hcg diet drops.

    Very few brands include lipotropics in their Hcg drops, however these can be highly beneficial as an added fat burner.  For example, in Triumph Hcg 40 drops, these ingredients can be seen listed clearly on the label: L-Arginine, B12, B Complex vitamins, and Ornithine etc.

    Whichever brand of Hcg Diet drops you decide to go with, here is an image that explains how to know if they are genuinely REAL homeopathic Hcg.  As you can see, the label must have the Active ingredient, “Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)” followed by the numbers, “12x, 30x, 60x.”  Photo courtesy of Hcg Triumph 40 Drops:

    Hcg Diet Drops - Prescription and Homeopathic

    Hormone-free Hcg.  

    These are NOT to be confused with homeopathic Hcg, and they are certainly not prescription Hcg.  You may have seen these fake “hcg drops” in the grocery store, Walmart, Target or even Costco.  They are NOT homeopathic Hcg, and they do NOT contain any hCG hormone.  These Hcg drops and products will not work for the Hcg Diet Plan and have been noted as unsafe by the FDA.  These formulas  typically consist of ingredients such as water, amino acids and some form of preservative.  Research has shown that while these formulas may indeed result in short term weight loss, it is not the same physical process (metabolic or otherwise) as the protocols using REAL prescription or homeopathic HCG.  For this reason, those on hormone-free HCG drops often report extreme hunger, repetitive stalls and an inability to remain on the suggested menu.  They also report being unable to keep the weight off.  In good conscience, Hcg Diet Info cannot recommend using hormone free Hcg Diet drops on the Hcg Diet protocol.

    More about Hormone-Free HCG Diet Drops From Costco, Walmart, GNC, Amazon, etc:

    We get countless questions regarding the legitimacy of Hcg diet drops that are sold in stores like Walmart, GNC and Costco as well as on Amazon.  These are ALWAYS the hormone-free hCG.  It is illegal for these stores to carry prescription or homeopathic Hcg.  Real Hcg drops will require a prescription such as Nu Image provides, or have a medical team on staff for guidance, such as Triumph offers.

    Dangers and Side Effects of HCG Diet Drops:

    Side effects from Hcg Diet drops are extremely rare.  In fact, we have seen millions of individuals use Hcg Diet drops successfully without so much as a tummy ache.  The few Hcg drop side effects that have been reported, almost always tend to be from the fake, “hormone free” hcg purchased at local stores.  The majority of these side effects are typically food allergy and digestion related, due to the ingredients used.

    A few of the reported side effects include:

    • Indigestion
    • Headaches
    • Upset stomach or diarhea
    • Rash

    Hcg Side Effects

    There are plenty of articles online that reference the side effects of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) however these typically reference large doses used in fertility treatments over extensive periods of time, and not the much smaller doses used for weight loss.

    For a more detailed overview of these side effects and their possible causes, read HCG Diet Side Effects and Dangers.

    Directions for HCG Diet Drops

    Every brand offers their own directions.  A common set of instructions for homeopathic and or prescription Hcg Diet Drops would be similar to the following:

    1. For the first 2 days, the drops are taken 3 times a day, with meals at a dosage of about 3 to 4 drops per treatment.
    2. Place the drops under your tongue and hold them there to be absorbed for at least 60 seconds.
    3. For the following 3 weeks, you will be following your prescribed HCG Diet Menu while continuing the Hcg drops.
    4. For the final 3 days of the diet, you will discontinue the Hcg drops while continuing on the restricted diet.

    Hcg diet drops are made from the same Hcg used for injections, but with a larger amount of Hcg.  Before and After placing the Hcg drops under the tongue, dieters are told not to eat or drink for at least 30 minutes.  To be clear, there is no eating or drinking for 30 minutes prior to taking the Hcg drops, AND no eating or drinking for 30 minutes AFTER taking the Hcg drops.

    While this set of directions is just an example, it is important to follow the instructions that came with your particular brand of Hcg drops.  Every formula is different and the Doctor guiding you, will no doubt have you on a suggested dosage based on your particular body’s needs.  For best results, these instructions should be followed.

    Buying Hcg Diet Drops Online

    Before making a decision about where to buy your Hcg diet drops, there are several questions that should be asked.  Particularly since there are so many companies that sell fake Hcg or do not offer services you will need (medical guidance and support on the Hcg Diet is key.)

    • Do you prefer prescription Hcg Diet Drops or Homeopathic Hcg Drops?
    • How much guidance will you need for your Hcg diet plan? (Even advanced Hcg Dieters have extensive questions!)
    • How important do you find customer service?
    • How important is safety and effectiveness with your brand of Hcg Diet Drops?
    • Are you mentally and physically prepared for the Hcg Diet without medical guidance?
    Where to Buy HCG Diet Drops Online

    There are countless websites that have come up online, selling HCG Diet drops, however it is important to keep a few things in mind and make an informed decision.  HCG Diet Info has created an Hcg Buying Guide, which explains in detail, the different options available and where to find legitimate companies that produce REAL Hcg Diet Drops made in the USA.

    A final note on buying Hcg diet drops:  Please do not buy HCG from overseas or make your own Hcg drops with their Hcg.  These companies sell unregulated HCG formulas, that are high in risk for health and safety.  You may have heard the news break, where some of these overseas Hcg pharmacies were selling animal-made hCG, while other news stories came out reporting severe hair loss, serious illness, and near-fatal experiences for some unsuspecting Hcg dieters.  In addition to these factors, there is also a significantly high risk of monetary fraud, loss of product through customs, and extremely low potency or fake hCG.  The risks are simply too high, and for this reason, Hcg Diet Info does not  promote nor recommend buying hcg from overseas Hcg pharmacies.  It is simply much safer and easier to find a US company that offers REAL, high potency Hcg that is regulated by the highest standards of the FDA.

    Have questions about buying Hcg diet drops?  Feel free to peruse the Guide on How and Where to Buy Hcg Online.



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