HCG Diet Drops: REAL Pharmaceutical & Homeopathic


Learn which are real, which are fake, and which are the best Hcg drops for YOU.

With so many weight loss drops on the market, it can be difficult to know which are legitimate, and which are fake. With that in mind, I’ve put together a comprehensive guide to answer all your questions. I hope this guide will save you time and money by allowing you to make an informed decision for your purchase.

Guide to Purchasing Genuine HCG Diet Drops for Weight Loss

What are HCG Diet Drops, REALLY? True HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone drops are an oral form of HCG  used for weight loss. They come in both prescription and homeopathic blends, but are not to be confused with “hormone free diet drops” which contain no Hcg and are considered unsafe for the original protocol.

Based on polls and posts in the Hcg Diet Forums, both prescription and homeopathic forms of oral Hcg have been found to be successful, although prescription drops do report a higher success rate and fewer people report gaining the weight back in following years.


Below are 2 sources that offer authentic oral HCG hormone for weight loss. I will be using their product images and labels as examples in this guide:

#1  Nu Image Medical – Prescription Drops with pharmaceutical grade HCG. FDA-approved telemedicine company located in Florida USA.  They offer a complete Hcg diet weight loss program online; doctor supervised, and includes extensive coaching and excellent customer service. Note: this is the highest dosage offered on the market if that is what you are looking for. NU IMAGE COUPON CODE: HDIVIP

See Nu Image Pricing

#2  Triumph – Homeopathic Hcg – They have a current buy one, get one free offer and great bundles. Their drops are a patented blend, and they have an impressive track record as one of the first products on the market.

See Triumph Pricing

Learn before you purchase drops in stores or online.

Understanding REAL hormone drops vs. fake.

Authentic weight loss drops are those that contain REAL hormone and can only be purchased online through legitimate telemedicine providers.  The FDA does NOT allow them to be sold in local stores (such as Walmart, Costco, GNC, etc) and they are not sold on Amazon, per their terms of service.

The “diet drops” sold in the above mentioned stores and on Amazon, are “hormone free” and do not contain any Hcg hormone in them. They should not be used with the Hcg weight loss protocol.

Other versions of “fake” weight loss drops, account for about 90% of all oral hCG products on the market, and are typically referred to as “hCG activator” or similar names.

So how do we recognize which are real, and which are fake? Not to worry, we will cover how to recognize legitimate labels and brands of genuine brands below.

Prescription Hcg vs. Homeopathic Hcg

Legitimate oral hCG comes in two choices: Prescription and homeopathic. The difference between these two, is the amount of Hcg hormone in the liquid itself. Here are the differences

  • Prescription grade drops contain more hormone than even Hcg injections. This is to make up for the amount of hormone lost in the digestion process (including saliva breakdown.)  
  • Homeopathic drops, on the other hand, contain only a trace amount of hormone, and are designed to work with the “essence” or frequency, of the Hcg ingredient, in the true homeopathy process.  
  • Hormone free diet drops.  As mentioned above, there is a third type of drops known as “hormone free.”  These contain no Hcg whatsoever and should NOT be used with the original protocol. These “hormone free” diet drops tend to consist of amino acids, alcohol (as a preservative) and other vitamins.  They are designed to be used as a vitamin and metabolism stimulating supplement, but they are NOT considered safe   for the 500 calorie VLCD, and should not be used with any Hcg weight loss protocol.

Homeopathic drops, on the other hand, contain only a trace amount of hormone, and are designed to work with the “essence” or frequency, of the Hcg ingredient, in the true homeopathy process.

Hormone free diet drops. As mentioned above, there is a third type of drops known as “hormone free.” These contain no Hcg whatsoever and should NOT be used with the original protocol. These “hormone free” diet drops tend to consist of amino acids, alcohol (as a preservative) and other vitamins. They are designed to be used as a vitamin and metabolism stimulating supplement, but they are NOT considered safe for the 500 calorie VLCD, and should not be used with any Hcg weight loss protocol.

“Which form of hCG makes you lose the most weight?”

One of the most common questions we see in our Hcg Diet forums, is which are the best drop-brands and how they compare to injections and pellets or tablets. While millions of people have lost weight successfully using both, prescription and homeopathic oral Hcg, Most Hcg experts will agree on the following hierarchy of success rates:

  1. Prescription Grade Injections
  2. Prescription Grade Drops
  3. Prescription Grade Pellets/tablets
  4. Homeopathic Drops (non-prescription, with REAL hCG hormone)

Hormone Free Diet Drops – almost all dieters using these, struggle with hunger, health challenges and weight regain when using this type of drops. They are absolutely not safe to use with the Hcg protocol.

This hierarchy is based on the fastest loss rates and incidents of weight regain in the years following the Hcg Diet Plan.

How to Identify those REAL Drops (& the Fake Ones.)

Buying Prescription (Pharmaceutical) oral hCG: what to look for…  These drops can only be prescribed by a doctor, including a legitimate, FDA-approved telemedicine company such as NU IMAGE MEDICAL.   There is no prior prescription required.  They will include the prescription and online doctor consult in the price. In addition, it is important to take care when going through a weight loss clinic that offers drops: if these are handed over without a doctor’s consultation and valid prescription, they are NOT legitimate RX prescription Hcg.  Below is an image that shows what prescription drops should look like. Notice the valid prescription on the label:

Buying Homeopathic oral hCG: what to look for…  These drops commonly get confused with hormone free diet drops, however they do contain hCG as an active ingredient. As with all homeopathic medicines however, the amount of active ingredient (in this case, hCG) is so small, that a prescription is not required by the FDA.  However, these cannot be purchased in local stores and are available from only a few legitimate sources online.  True homeopathic Hcg will have specific numbers listed on the ingredients list, reading some thing like: “Active ingredient hCG 12x, 30x, 60x” etc.  As an example, you can see the label of true homeopathic drops on the TRIUMPH label in the photo below.  Again, it is never safe to use the hormone free diet drops with the original protocol, nor any type of VLCD (very low calorie diet.)

An example of what REAL homeopathic Hcg hormone Drops will show on their label and list of ingredients.If the label does NOT appear as the example in the above picture, the drops are not true homeopathic weight loss drops.

It is important to know also, that prescription Hcg hormone, will not need the above numbering (HCG 12x, 30x, 60x, etc) on the label, since the prescription is a declaration that they do indeed have Hcg in them, and at a prescription grade level.  We will discuss prescription potency levels coming up.

Frequently Asked Questions, and Answers

Are real weight loss drops Safe (Side Effects)?

There are no side effects reported of taking authentic oral Hcg, and they are considered a low risk medical weight loss option.  If you have questions regarding a specific health condition and taking drops, it is strongly advised that you speak with a medical professional.

Hcg side effects in general: The Hcg hormone already exists within both men and women at any given time. The dosage of Hcg used for weight loss is a very small amount, and significantly less than the dosage used for fertility treatments. Most side effects listed for hCG is in reference to the higher dosages used for fertility treatments and testosterone therapy for men.

What is “Hcg” used in oral drops?

Hcg stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin, a natural hormone found in both men and women in small amounts.  It is produce in large volumes by women when they are pregnant.  The hCG used for weight loss, is synthetic and made in a medical laboratory.

How do the hormone drops make you lose weight (and what do they do for you?)

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin has been reported to sustain muscle tissue resulting in an increased metabolism even during a period of low calorie intake (known as a VLCD or very low calorie diet.)  In instances of normal calorie reduction, the body slows the metabolism as a natural reaction often referred to as “starvation mode” and will even use muscle tissue in place of food.  Hcg is reported to keep this from happening, resulting in the body’s ability to continue to burn fat at an astounding rate, while also not feeling hungry.

How to take diet drops correctly: (How many times a day, do I take my drops?)

Each company and brand will include their own instructions based on their particular blend and dosage recommendation, based on your medical profile.  A common instruction for taking oral Hcg, is to first swirl the bottle (do not shake) prior to taking and avoid eating 15 minutes before and up to 30 minutes after taking your oralHuman Chorionic Gonadotropin.  A specific number of drops (number varies depending on the brand and whether they are prescription or homeopathic) are placed under the tongue.

This process is repeated 2 to 3 times daily, depending on the brand, and for 26 days per Dr. Simeons, author of the original protocol. There is a very specific transition period for how the drops are discontinued.  For more information on this, learn more about the transition phase: “Hcg Diet Phase 3.”

How long do I wait between rounds with drops?

According to the original manuscript, the time between rounds is a minimum of 3 weeks. This is an essential break that allows the body to take a break and transition in preparation for the following round.

What Foods can I eat while on the Hcg Diet with drops?

The same approved foods (Hcg Diet approved foods list for phase 2 and phase 3)t applies to those taking diet drops as those taking injections, tablets or pellets. This includes a specific list of whole foods, largely comprised of vegetables and lean meats.  No sugars or starches are permitted in phase 2 or phase 3 of the diet. Portions are also carefully measured.  No prepackaged or processed foods are permitted on the diet as well.  Review the Hcg Diet protocol for a summary of what and how to eat on the Hcg Diet.  Here are additional articles on Hcg Diet foods and eating as well:

Hcg Diet 500 Calorie Menu
What to Eat on the Hcg Diet Plan
Recommended Hcg Diet Grocery List

What if I want to change from Homeopathic to Prescription-grade drops?

It is simple to change from homeopathic drops to prescription. Read instructions here, on how to switch from homeopathic Hcg to pharmaceutical Hcg drops for directions.


There are a few choices when it comes to weight loss drops, including prescription and homeopathic options. While prescription grade hCG does show higher success rates, both are shown to work well. It is also important to note that genuine drops cannot be purchased in stores, and can only be ordered from a legitimate provider online, including the sources listed above.

Pharmaceutical drops will require a prescription, however telehealth allows medical doctors to prescribe these over the internet. Homeopathic hCG does not require a prescription, however labels should be checked carefully to be sure hCG is listed as an active ingredient, with the appropriate frequency numbers listed on the label (example: 12x, 24x, 60x.)

Pharmaceutical (Rx) oral hCG will have a valid prescription on the label with your name and the information of the licensed compounding pharmacy that produced the hCG, as well as the prescribing doctor’s contact information and dosage.

The protocol for drops can vary, however they are commonly used with the original Simeons protocol and considered safe. Hormone free drops are NOT considered safe with the protocol and should NOT be used with any low calorie weight loss plan.

Dosage:  the prescribing doctor will specify dosage and this should be followed. However, if experiencing hunger, be sure to contact your hCG weight loss provider for instructions on how to adjust your dosage since this is a common cause of increased appetite while on the protocol.

Choosing an hCG weight loss provider for your drops:  It is also important to choose a provider that will meet your needs for support and guidance, answering any of your questions along the way in a speedy timeframe.

In the end, it is important to purchase the drops you feel comfortable with, whether that is prescription or homeopathic. The sources listed on this page, are legitimate and offer the best products and services on the market. If you have any questions, feel free to contact them directly, or reach out in the Hcg Diet forums for coaching and support.

Want to learn more?  Read our How and Where to Buy Hcg Injections Online here.

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