Callanetics Exercise on the hCG Diet

Callanetics exercise is and non-strenuous exercise regime that started in the 1970’s by Callan Pinckney. It combines a more effective approach to traditional isotonic/isometric exercise that delivers quick visible results in as little as 10 days.

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Callanetics is unique exercises regime that is based on slow, deliberate repetitive muscle contractions, and stretching motions. These tiny but powerfully effective movements, which aim to work on an individually targeted muscle group and body area that results in lifting and tightening your muscles, tightens your skin, helps you to lose weight and inches fast and reduce cellulite.

Callanetics Exercise stretches and strengthens your spine, thus helping you to relax your back and achieve better posture. It targets your thigh area, which is a critical body part for many women. Improves your flexibility, increase your body alignment, and strenghts your muscles in problematic areas such as your arms, your thighs, your tummy, and your waist.

Regular practicing of Callanetics will help you slim your waist, decrease the size of your hips, and will rid you of a muffin top if you have one. Your tummy will become much flatter and your upper body tighter in just a few sessions.

An additional benefits of Callaentics exercise, it helps to manage and regulate irregular menstrual cycle, reduce pain in your back and ankles area, enhance your pelvic floor and boosts your core strength to achieve greater flexibility.

While you are on the hCG diet, you can exercise using Callanetics to develop lean, firm legs, lift and tighten your butt, improve posture, erase saddlebags and love handles and create a tight, flat stomach. All without doing any strenuous hard core exercise.

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