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    Why is T-Tapp a good hCG diet exercise?

    Because T-Tapp takes a different approach to exercise and fitness, there are several benefits to doing T-Tapp exercise. You can do T-Tapp during the hCG diet plan as it is a non-strenuous exercise, between hCG diet rounds for continued inches loss and or after you have lost all your weight from the hCG diet protocol, as T-Tapp will work to bring you the body you desire.

    T-Tapp builds muscle density rather than building muscle bulk. Muscle density development enables the muscles to cinch in, pull up, and resculpt the body. This type of muscle development causes inch loss to occur quickly, in the places you most desire; waist, tummy and hips within the first week.

    T-Tapp’s techniques maximize muscle movement and delivers muscle fatigue regardless it offers a high aerobic workout without any jumping or use of weights. In fact, unlike most exercises, the stronger you become from doing T-Tapp the less you will have to work out to maintain your new body.

    This is What T-Tapp Can Do!

    In T-Tapp, your primary focus for the first 30 days is to move your body in order to rebuild metabolic functions so that the body can lose weight easier and better yet, MAINTAIN the loss without excessive exercise or dieting. What does this mean for the hCG dieter? How much weight you have to lose and the number of rounds may be shorten by doing T-Tapp exercise while on the hCG diet and between rounds. In other words, less dieting!

    Unlike most exercises, T-Tapp uses a rehabilitative approach to exercise, always mindful of lower back, hip and knee problems as well as upper spine, neck and should issues. Often severely over weight or obese people have issues with these areas due to the extra weight being that is on the frame.

    T-Tapp exercise incorporates neuro-kenetic flow, linear alignment, and isometrics while utilizing both attachments of the muscle rather than just one muscle attachment and belly of the muscle like most exercises. This helps you start burning fat in the first 7-10 minutes to doing T-Tapp exercise.

    IF you want to super charge your hCG dieting efforts, lose inches faster, see results faster, burn belly fat, back fat and fat off hips, waist and thighs, then do the hCG diet and T-Tapp exercise.

    30 days of T-Tapp and 26 Days of the hCG diet, you will have a new body.


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