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Below you'll find the answers to your HCG Diet FAQ. If you don't see your question below visit the HCG Diet Info Forums where you can search the World's Largest Source of HCG Diet and Weight Loss Information. We also invite you to join the forums to post a question for the moderators. Joining a support system of fellow dieters is a great way to ensure your success with the HCG diet. Happy Losing!

What is the Correct Starting Dose of HCG?  

If you're using injections, a good starting dose of HCG is 150 iu. You may need to go down from there. It is rare to have to increase the dose. If you're using RX sublingual HCG, most start at 166 iu 2x a day. When using homeopathic HCG, FIRST make sure your drops contain wording similar to this: HCG 3x, 6x, 12x, etc. If they don't, they may be imitation and you may consider not using them. If they list HCG in this way, start with the manufacturer's recommended dose of HCG. You can adjust your hCG from there as needed.

I'm Hungry. What Should I Do?

Always skip a day if you have been taking HCG hormone for 4 days or more. If you feel better by late afternoon and into the evening, the dose of HCG is too high and you should decrease your dose. If feeling the same, the dose of HCG is likely too low and you may need to increase your dose.

Where can I purchase prescription Hcg shots, drops and pellets? Visit our complete guide to buying Rx Hcg including a thorough FAQ.

What Vitamins Are Suggested When On HCG?

None are required. Some may find it helpful to take potassium or magnesium, but most do fine with no vitamins.

Can I Start a New Round before 6 Weeks?

No. And the length of time between rounds increases with every round of the HCG diet. There is a 6 week wait between rounds 1 & 2. 8 weeks between 2 & 3. 12 weeks between 3 & 4 and so on.

Can I Stay on P2 Until I Lose All The Weight I Want?

No! The maximum weight loss is 34 pounds when on the HCG diet. For those who are morbidly obese, the limit is 40 pounds before taking a break. You either take a break at 34 pounds or about 47 days of being on the HCG diet, whichever comes first.

What Is a High Protein Day When You Are On The HCG Diet?

It's a correction day where you eat only meat, veggies and fats. No eggs, dairy, or nuts in order to assess what caused the spike in your weight. Some dieters do a high protein day at 2 pounds over their last injection weight in order to abort the point where they need to do a steak day. Others do this correction day after a steak day in order to drop a bit more weight.

Do I Have to Load?

Loading helps trigger the hormonal response necessary to start the weight loss while on the HCG diet. It also helps with decreasing hunger the first day or two on the diet.

How Many Vials of HCG Do I Need?

If you're mixing for injections of HCG, order four 2000 iu or two 5000 iu for a long round. If you're using sublingual HCG, you'll need three 5000 iu vials.

Can I Eat Coconut Oil on P2 (Including Cocoa Crack?)

No. All fats should be avoided while on the HCG diet. Many doctors believe that fats derail the hormonal pathway to the hypothalamus and prevent it from resting. Eating fats may hinder weight loss, and is likely to hamper KEEPING the weight off after completing the HCG diet. There's plenty of time to enjoy treats in P3.

I Haven't Had a Bowel Movement in Days. What Do I Do?

It's perfectly normal to have fewer bowel movements when on the HCG diet. You are consuming less food, and therefore have less waste. If you're uncomfortable, take magnesium citrate or Smooth Move tea. Also, make sure you are drinking enough water.

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Hcg Diet 169

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