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    If you are new to the hCG diet, you may be confused about which foods are okay or not. Most of this is common sense – grilled meats and salads are a satisfying meal that can be easily changed up from day to day.

    Chicken and fish are, of course, the ideal meats but sirloin is okay as long as you cut off all visible fat before cooking. There are many types of lettuce and greens that can be switched up to add variety to your meals, anything from iceburg to romaine to spinach to blends. Green beans are a very good choice to add to your meal as well. Even small changes can make a meal seem fresh and new so that you don’t feel as if you are eating the same thing day after day.

    Let’s talk about the food items we need to avoid – again, common sense goes a long way!


    Most oils should be avoided completely…absolutely no cooking with them, except for coconut oil. Which of course leads to NO fried foods! This may take some getting used to, but you will be amazed at how much better you feel when you leave them from your diet.


    Sugars are to be avoided..small doses in some foods may be okay, but its best to cut them out. There are a lot of sugar free options out there for our sweet tooth, but calories are of course important, so stick to things like sugar free popsicles that won’t significantly affect your calorie intake for meal times.  Stevia is the best sweetener for the hCG diet.


    You do not have to cut out every trace of carbohydrates, but you need to cut out the main sources of them, ie – breads, potatoes, pastas. Melba toast is a good choice for people who find it impossible to give up breads with their meals and can be easily found at the grocer’s.

    And for fiber, Miracle Noodles is always the best bet!


    These are like carbs, nearly impossible to avoid, but okay in small amounts. When grilling meats, be sure to cut off all visible fat before cooking. Not only will it be leaner, it allows you to have a little bit more meat.


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