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Hcg Diet Foods and Recipes Guidelines

HCG Diet allowed foods include a surprisingly long list of healthy Hcg Diet foods and recipes.  While the original Hcg Diet protocol does require a strict 500 calorie food menu, there are countless recipes that can be made from this list; Recipes that are delicious, and incredibly satisfying.  When it comes to the Loading phase of the Hcg Diet, be sure to choose foods that are heavy on healthy fats and proteins, as well as those foods that indulge your treat-happy-self.  This will help you to move on during Phase 2, when the VLCD (very low calorie diet) is in full play.  A few handy tips for eating Hcg Diet foods on Phase 2, are… have a few go-to dishes on hand at all times.  This should be something you really enjoy, and preferably something that you can keep in the fridge, full prepared and convenient to grab. This will help you avoid cheating.  Also, right next to those foods, keep bottles of water ready to go.  These will help keep you hydrated, which in turn keeps your metabolism running efficiently and your mind focused on eating healthy options instead of triggering food cravings.

There are other protocols on the Hcg Diet that allow a more expanded list of food options and calories.  In the Hcg Diet Forums, these protocols are lovingly referred to as “Rogue” protocols.  These can vary depending on the doctor or specialist that provided them. While they may not have the same rapid results as the original protocol, it may be an option depending on your personal Hcg Diet food needs and preferences.

The most important thing to remember when focusing on Hcg Diet foods, is to focus building lifelong healthy eating habits.  These include portion control, slowing down while eating (always be the last to finish your meal at the table!) and really staying hydrated.  More importantly, the Hcg Diet Plan mainly consists of “whole” foods, and these are exactly what you will be wanting to stick to for lifelong health and wellness.


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