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The Hcg Diet fruit guidelines in this article, are strictly based on the information found in the original protocol, Pounds & Inches, by Dr. Simeons. One of the most common causes of stalling and slow losses, is the misunderstanding of guidelines when it comes to eating fruit on the Simeons protocol. Therefore, it is important to read through this entire guide to fully understand how to eat fruits on the Hcg Diet plan correctly.

Which fruits are allowed on Hcg Diet?

In the Phase 2 foods menu, Dr. Simeons allows 4 fruit choices:

  • apples
  • oranges
  • half grapefruit
  • handful of strawberries.
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Any 2 of these fruit foods are allowed each day of Phase 2.

How to Eat Fruit on the Hcg Diet Protocol: Guidelines

  • The apple can be any size, however you cannot have 2 small apples in place of a single one.
  • You must eat the whole fruit. The juice alone is not permitted. In other words, no freshly squeezed orange juice as a replacement for 1 orange.
  • Only 1 fruit is permitted per meal.  You may not have both of the daily fruit portions at the same meal.
  • We are cautioned that a tangerine is not an orange, and is not permitted in Phase 2.

There is no rule that prohibits mixing fruit, as there is with the vegetable choices.  It is also permissible to eat the same choices each day, or even at each meal.

Hcg Diet Fruit Cheats

Dr. Simeons also warns us that some fruits are actually detrimental to the success of the protocol, such as pears.  This can be taken as instruction that experimenting with different fruits than are on the list of allowed-foods can result in inhibiting the action of the HCG, and causing stalls, gains, or the inability to stabilize afterward.

Fruit Portion Sizes

The original manuscript does not specify exact portions when it comes to fruit.  So, how do we measure fruit portions when no specifics are given?  We do have very specific portions for the proteins, the starch (melba toast or grissini) and auxiliary items like milk and lemon juice.  That means we can use the vegetable and fruit portions to make up the calorie difference so that our daily eating totals close to the 500 calories allowed.

How do we do this?  If your proteins are coming in at about 100 calories each, then 150-200 calories can be allotted for fruit, and the rest for vegetables (See the vegetable guide here.)  That works out to around a 4-6 ounce apple, or 1 orange, or 1 bowl/handful of strawberries, or one 9 ounce grapefruit.  It is fine to buy small grapefruits and eat the whole thing in exchange for 1/2 of a grapefruit as outlined in the original 500 calorie menu.

Misconceptions about fruit on the HCG Diet

Red or green apples. Fuji or Red Delicious. It’s all good.  Some Hcg weight loss programs limit you to green apples, but the Simeons protocol actually allows any color and any variety of apple. The other programs offer the “green apples only” rule as an unnecessary limitation based on low-carb thinking. The Hcg weight loss plan is NOT a low carb diet. The goal of many clinics and HCG diet variations is to get you into a state of ketosis by keeping carbs very low.  It is important to note that ketosis is not necessary to the success of the diet, and there is no evidence to suggest that it makes the protocol work any better than as it is written.

Eliminating fruits from the Hcg foods list is not necessary. Some Hcg weight loss programs will try to speed losses by eliminating one or both fruits in Phase 2.  This is not recommended.   The fiber and energy in the fruits helps keeps your body working properly and your energy levels up.  Eliminating them puts extra and unnecessary stress on your body. The best course when in a stall is to wait it out and let your body adjust your water levels as it needs.  Although an apple day is offered as an option, it is stated that it is of psychological benefit only.

Using your fruit as stand-alone meals or snacks

Breaking up the phase 2 meals is perfectly acceptable, and even desirable if you have cortisol/adrenal issues or tend to lean toward hypoglycemia.  Using your apple as a breakfast and your second fruit as an afternoon snack can help keep your energy remain constant throughout the day.  You can also keep back a small portion for an evening snack if you wish.

The importance of eating fruit on the HCG Diet

In this day where low-carb thinking is the basis for nearly all diet advice, the HCG Diet stands apart.   Not only can up to 20% of the daily calories be allotted to fruit, but the fruit choices themselves are not the lowest on the carb indexes. Oranges, which are often vilified as little sugar bombs, are an approved food on the Phase 2 menu.  If low-carb regimens allow fruit at all, it is usually only a small amount of berries.

It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking you can make the diet work better by only eating strawberries, or eliminating the fruit entirely.   The HCG protocol was designed to work best with a specific selection of fruits and vegetables, and it has very little to do with their rank on the glycemic scale.  It has everything to do with allowing the HCG to do its magic to release your fat stores to be burned as energy during the low-calorie phase of the diet. So don’t be afraid of the fruit- embrace it as an integral part of the protocol “prescription” for metabolic healing.

People often say that fruit is “nature’s candy.”  It is something that can be celebrated and bring joy in the midst of an otherwise restrictive menu. But it has another part to play as well.  The weeks of Phase 2 are basically an elimination diet, a time of cleansing. Your pallet will be awakened to the wonderful taste of fresh natural foods.  Its a time to enjoy the lovely sweet gift of fruit that is part of the Phase 2 experience twice a day.   Getting used to fruit as a treat can help you set a pattern towards a healthier way of eating once you are at your goal.

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