Some individuals, when starting HCG diet, will experience headaches. This typically occurs during the first few days of the diet, Phase 1 or Loading Days. Headaches occur because while the body is adjusting to fat burning and detoxing.  The HCG is forcing stored fat into the bloodstream, which the body uses as fuel. This is a different energy source then the body normally utilizes and the result may be a headache.  Fortunately, this doesn’t last very long. Most people will only experience headaches for 1-2 days.  You can help ease your headache as detailed in The Naked Truth About The hCG Diet.

It is important that individuals drink plenty of water while on the HCG diet. Sometimes, an individual on the HCG diet may have headaches because they are dehydrated. Drinking extra water can be helpful. If you drink more water then normal and are thus, adequately hydrated, the headache maybe due to something else, namely the body switching from carbs as fuel to fat. The brain would rather use carbohydrates for fuel. Carbs convert faster and provide simple and quick energy while protein takes a little longer to convert. When a person stops eating carbohydrates, while on the HCG diet, the body has to adjust and a headache may be the result.

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The body is used to carbohydrates. Most Americans eat a ton of them. Persons who consume a lot of pre-packaged foods, likely eat of great deal of carbs. Many of these foods contain simply sugars, corn syrup and fructose which are all carbohydrates. These are largely unhealthy and are what would be categorized as bad carbohydrates. However, when individuals eat a lot of them, their body adjusts and become used to them.

When a person stops eating foods of this type, their body begins to experience withdrawals. One common withdrawal symptom is headaches. A person who consumed lots of carbs prior to starting the diet, specifically carbohydrates, the worst their headaches will be.

When detoxing from bad carbs, besides headaches, a person may also experience tiredness, hunger, sore muscles, irritability, nausea, food cravings, gas and bloating. Thankfully, these symptoms don’t last longer, generally, no more then 3-4 days. For most people, it will only last 1 to 2 days.

There are some actions that people can take who suffer from HCG diet headaches and related carbohydrate withdrawal symptoms. Besides drinking more water a person might normal, one option is to go on a 2 day gorge. This involves eating lots of fatty foods for a period of two days.  This gives the body time to wean itself off of the bad carbohydrates.  L-Glutamine helps to reduce cravings. Aspirin can help with pain relief.

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