Hcg Diet Support - Troubleshooting Hcg Diet Support - Troubleshooting

Need a little Hcg Diet help and encouragement? Hey, it happens.  It is common for both new and experienced dieters to need a little support. The truth is, for some people, the diet can be pretty simple.  While for others, it can seem like there is a challenge around every corner.  With that in mind, we’ve put together a series of resources and articles to address as many of those questions and concerns, as possible.

Hcg Diet Help and Support Resources

Frequently Asked Questions about the Hcg Diet:  FAQHcg Dieter Tools and Resources (Free downloads)
Original Hcg Diet Manuscript: Pounds and Inches
Hcg Diet Starter List
Hunger on the Hcg Diet
How to fix a Cheat on the  Hcg Diet
How to Eat out on the Hcg Diet Plan
How to correct weight loss stalls and plateaus
HCG Diet Dictionary/Abbreviations (You will need this 😉

3 Options for Getting Help with the Hcg Diet Plan

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Remember, if you are experiencing challenges, you have a number of options for receiving guidance.  First, you can speak with the doctor at the telemedicine company where you bought your Hcg online.  These companies also offer expert Hcg Diet coaching and support, with some offering access to a licensed nutritionist.

Just a few Hcg Diet help topics they can address….

Hcg diet stalls and plateaus
Hcg diet food list questions
When and How to adjust Hcg dosage
How to do an Hcg Diet Apple Day correctly

A Second option… Dieters can also read our Hcg Diet Plan guide, which contains everything needed to follow the Hcg Diet Protocol from start to finish.  Sometimes it’s helpful to simply review the basics of the protocol and go from there.

A third option for Hcg Diet Help….

Check in with the Hcg Diet Info Forums, where our moderators and coaches are happy to offer their expert Hcg Diet knowledge for plenty of love and support.  We also offer monthly and ongoing Hcg Diet support groups, where you can get fast answers to questions, share your Hcg diet journey with others, and find an endless number of supportive Hcg Diet buddies.  By the way, according to the US National Library of Medicine, 95% of individuals following a weight loss plan, adhere to the program if they have a weight loss buddy!

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  • I’m just trying to let someone on your end know that something that is being advertised/demonstrated on your own site is incorrect.
    “COUPON CODE: HDIVIP Nu Image Medical:”

    When you put that discount code showing for NuImage into their purchase/shopping cart, it does not come up the same way you guys are listing it. Only at 39.70, not the 50$
    see ya-

    • You are so sweet Robert! Thank you for taking the time to let me know. I have contacted Nu Image to have this corrected immediately and they are on it 🙂

    • Robert, I just heard back from the head of Nu Image (at 1 am haha!) He had IT check this immediately and this was what he said…

      “I just had IT check the back end of your coupon code and it is set for $50 off but if you look at his numbers those are exactly 10% off the 46 day program which means maybe he’s using a 10% off coupon from the Nu Image website (?) and not using the HDIVIP code? other than that it’s physically impossible to get 10% off when using the HDIVIP coupon code.

      If you can get him to send a screenshot with the exact coupon code then we could look into this more or just have a go ahead and place the order and we will make sure he gets the proper amount off. Then I’ll see if potentially there is a bug on our part but other people are using your code and getting the $50 off just fine. We will get to the bottom of this for him. :)”

      I love Nu Image 🙂

      Let me know if you have any further issues Robert. ~Jen

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