How Long Should I do the HCG Diet?

The HCG diet is unique in that if you follow the timing rules and phase instructions, you can actually reset your metabolism to remain at a lower set point. It may seem like you are saving time by staying on a weight loss plan until you reach your goal, but what happens is that even… read more »

How Much Time Between HCG Rounds? How Much Time Between HCG Rounds?

How Long Do You Wait Between HCG Diet Rounds & Why

I’m at goal now after following the HCG protocol. It took me 5 rounds to get within 15 pounds of my goal, and another 3 to actually get and stay there.  I waited the suggested times between rounds and followed protocol as exactly as possible. I’m wearing 4’s and 6’s at a weight which previously… read more »

About REAL hcg diet drops - prescription and homeopathic About REAL hcg diet drops - prescription and homeopathic

Hcg Drops: Homeopathic vs. Prescription and REAL vs. Fake

HCG drops have become an extremely popular option for Hcg dieters.  In fact, for those individuals who are eager to forego injections, drops can be the perfect choice.  The truth is, there are plenty of reasons to choose liquid Hcg for the protocol, and here are just a few…. What You Need to Know About… read more »


Can Hcg Diet Injections Cause a Positive Pregnancy Test?

Q & A with Dr. Rao Hcg Diet Injections can result in a positive pregnancy test. However, there is more to the answer. When it comes to Hcg weight loss injections and pregnancy tests, there are a number of variables to consider. The first is how much of the hCG that is injected ends up… read more »

What is the HCG Diet and How Does it Work?

What is the HCG Diet Plan? The Hcg Diet Plan is a whole food cleanse, habit-basher, high protein, high vegetable, healthy carb, hydrating, mindset-shifting, game changer. It is a hormone therapy, medical weight loss protocol designed to utilize the body’s natural metabolism potential and give your body the opportunity to establish a lower set-point weight.… read more »

HCG Diet Side Effects and Dangers – Get the FACTS [2019]

The HCG diet has quickly become the most popular and fastest growing weight loss program on the web.  With millions of individuals raving about their results, it’s still best to research any possible side effects or dangers of HCG when used for weight loss. First, it’s important to understand a few key differences in the… read more »

HCG Diet FAQ: Common questions about the HCG Diet HCG Diet FAQ: Common questions about the HCG Diet

HCG Diet Protocol FAQ

This section covers Hcg Diet protocol frequently asked questions.  If you are new to the HCG Diet and looking for the super-basics, we have a general FAQ section just for you!  Read HCG Diet Plan General FAQ. Thank you to our Chief Forum Moderator, Grammy, for taking the time to answer these questions!  Be sure… read more »

How to Mix Hcg for Hcg Diet Injections How to Mix Hcg for Hcg Diet Injections

How to Mix Hcg for Hcg Diet Injections

How to mix Hcg: Very simple Hcg Mixing Instructions by our gracious and helpful Head Moderator and Coach in the Hcg Diet Forums, Colleen, or who we all know as, “Grammy.”  Grammy has been coaching Hcg Dieters for more years than I can count, and knows more about the Hcg Diet than anyone. How to… read more »