Hcg Diet Protocol and MCT Oil Hcg Diet Protocol and MCT Oil

Are MCT oils allowed on the Hcg Diet? In the original Simeons protocol, no added oils or fats are permitted during Phase 2.  In fact, the requirements not only prohibit adding oil to your meals, but also warn against oils in soaps and cosmetics. Added fat can cause stalls and gains, presumably because the HCG fat burning activity is diverted from your fat stores to the added oils.

Some of the variations on the HCG diet do allow the use of  MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides) in small amounts. But realize it is an “at your own risk” situation to use any of  variation of the original protocol.  We know the original Hcg Diet/Simeons protocol is proven and that it works for nearly everyone.  Some dieters find they can tolerate the addition of small amounts of MCT oil.  Others will experience problems from it, either during the round or in difficulty stabilizing afterward.

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If you decide to try the experiment of including any fats in your Phase 2, MCT is a good choice.   It is thermogenic, which means it is utilized for quick energy much like carbs even though it is an oil.  This may be why some can use this without detectable issues.  It is tasteless and very thin, which allows very small amounts to be used and still give good coverage massaged into salad greens and for sautéing, so it can make the sparse P2 menus a lot more enjoyable.

Some also experiment with regular coconut oil in P2, for instance, to make the popular coconut oil candy known as “cocoa crack”.  Results from either version of oil seem to be about the same.  Coconut oil  has 60% MCTs (enough  to keep the thermogenic effects of MCT) and also has the benefit of including lauric acid.   Be aware that there is some  hidden danger using this candy treat.  Phase 2 eating effectively separates you from your cravings through the elimination aspect of the diet.  By including the coconut oil candy to satisfy your sweet tooth,  you risk not breaking your food addictions, which is one of the most helpful bonuses of successfully completing Phase 2.  Most are amazed at how easy it is in Phase 3 to avoid the foods that they couldn’t resist before.

I personally don’t use MCT or coconut oil  in my rounds as I am so grateful that the protocol works for me as it is.  I see no benefit to risking experiments with off-protocol items.  I have found that I really enjoy the Phase 2 foods if I buy the best quality I can afford and then cook them fresh for each meal. (In fact, I wore out two George Foreman grills each round.)   I have learned to appreciate the deliciousness of simple, freshly prepared foods and the natural sweetness of fruits and vegetables.  The palate cleansing aspect of the elimination diet heightens flavors to the point where fruit can seem as sweet as candy,  and even cabbage can taste sweet.  The HCG appetite suppression makes it easy to be satisfied with the small portions as we become freed from physiological cravings caused by chemical additives or sugar addiction at work.


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