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  • HCG Diet Phase 1: The Loading Phase

    All About Phase 1 of the hCG Diet

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    If you are already familiar with HCG Diet Phase 1, and want to learn more about How to load properly on the diet, we have created a more thorough overview here:  HCG Diet Phase 1: How to Load

    Dr. Simeons doesn’t really give details or go into the whys but as since has progressed we can easily understand why, the benefits and the rational behind his idea of loading with food for 2 days before beging Phase 2 of the hCG diet.

    Society today is a carb heavy, processed food nation, unlike Dr. Simeons time when food was cooked vs. opened out of a box.  The benefits to loading helps your body ease from carb burning to fat burning, lessens your hCG diet headache and prepares you to eat a diet of 500 calories and limited foods as Phase 2 has is very strict on food choices.

    What has been discovered is hCG dieters that choose to eat Phase 1 foods that are rich in fats and low in sugar carbs have an easier time turning on their fat burning switch and experience the least hunger during the first few days of Phase 2.

    Another discovery amongst hCG dieters is choosing fatty foods lessens the hCG diet headaches. The brain and your body can run on carbs, protein or fat but because carb are a simple, quick form of energy, the preference for fuel is carbs. Fat and protein take longer to break down into a simple carb chain thus the body reacts by giving some a pounding headache. Depending on how carb heavy your diet was and if you did any hCG diet cleanses prior to the diet, the worst the hCG diet headache can be.

    A few quick things you can do to help yourself while on your hCG diet loading days and after you start Phase 2.

    L-Glutamine, a supplement recommend by Kevin Trudeau, can help to curb carbohydrate cravings.

    If have sore muscles as the sugar leaves your system Potassium and vitamin E can help ease your muscles

    Increasing water intake will help abate hunger and headaches

    Asprin or your usual headache solution may work

    Increasing protein for a few days during Phase 2 by 200 grams per meal will help as well

    But loading with as much fat as possible as suggested in Phase 1 food list is best




    From the Guide:

    Phase 1 – The Loading Phase

    This is the intro phase of the diet, where HCG supplementation has begun, but the menu is unrestricted for 2 days.  One purpose of this phase is to reduce the temptation to stray from the diet menu once Phase 2 begins.  However, the main purpose of this phase, is to supply the body with ample fat supplies……..    


    How to properly load:  Have whatever you’d like, but focus more on fats than sugars and carbs.  Be sure to give your body as many healthy fats as you can; Avocado, salmon, and nuts are great sources of the desired healthy omega 3 fats.  Animal fats and dairy are also encouraged because of their healthy omega 6 fats.  Break out the guacamole and cheesy chicken dishes. Have butter on your salmon. Just remember, it’s also a great time to increase that water intake and get excited about the next phase results.
    During this phase, it is important to continue with your current exercise routine (approved by your doctor, of course.)  If you are new to exercising, now would be a great time to take up a new light impact, low intensity routine before building up to more.  This should include daily movement of at least 20 minutes a day.  Brisk walking, yoga, stretching, light resistance training, swimming, pilates.  The goal here is not necessarily fat burning or calorie burning, but creating a healthy habit for future weight maintenance as well as countless other health benefits.. Read the complete guide to Exercising on the HCG Diet on HDI.



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