HCG Diet Phase 1 Loading Phase HCG Diet Phase 1 Loading Phase

What is “Loading” on the HCG Diet Plan?

The Hcg Diet phase 1 (P1) is arguably the easiest of the protocol phases, and lasts for two days. In P1, you are to eat as many fatty, high-calorie foods as possible in order to store enough abnormal body fat to last through phase 2. Foods like fried chicken, pizza, hamburgers and high-fat desserts such as cheesecake or doughnuts are good choices for this phase. The denser the food, the better, so don’t skimp on things like cheese and butter when you’re in phase 1. It might seem counter-intuitive to begin a diet by gorging yourself on as much unhealthy food as possible, but that’s okay. The kind of fat that’s stored when these high-fat, high-calorie foods are eaten will slowly be burned off day by day during the low-calorie phase 2.

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It can be difficult for people to figure out just how much high-fat food to eat during phase 1, but that’s okay. Those who have relatively small appetites can also have trouble with this phase, due to the fact that they just don’t eat very much. If this is the case, it’s lucky that there’s so much high-calorie food available this day and age, especially in America. Fast food places more often than not serve up extremely fatty, calorie-dense foods that can help quite a bit during phase 1 of the HCG diet. The burgers from popular chains usually contain a very large amount of calories for their size, and pairing these with fries and a drink is an excellent way to increase your calorie-count. Red meat is denser and fattier than fish or poultry, so steaks and ribs will go a long way during phase 1 as well.

Cheese, the diet-destroyer, is your friend during these two days. It’s very high in fat and extremely dense (meaning it has a small recommended portion size relative to it’s calorie-count), and it goes with just about everything. Adding a slice of cheese to a hamburger can up the fat by as much as 9 grams and 90 calories. Pizza with extra cheese would make an excellent meal choice on phase 1 of the HCG diet.

In order to avoid any potential digestive problems during phase 1, some fiber should also be eaten. Eating small side-salads (loaded with dressing!) in the middle of the day can help provide the dietary fiber necessary to make sure digestion goes smoothly, and snacking on whole wheat crackers and cheese isn’t a bad idea either.

After phase 1 is over, your diet will consist only of foods selected from a list of approved options, and salt is a no-no. Make sure that during phase 1 you get a good amount of all of the foods you love so as not to feel deprived during phase 2. Remember that the extra fat put on during these two days is supposed to burn off slowly during the next phase, and not having enough stored beforehand can make your final weeks more difficult. The weight loss is fast on the HCG diet and sticking to a healthy lifestyle afterward will ensure you keep it off for good.

Why Load on the HCG Diet?

The loading phase (P1) is extremely important as it allows the Hcg to release the fat stores for use in the body. This satisfies cravings and food addictions during the transition period as the dieter begins the 500 calorie a day phase (P2.)  Individuals who do not follow the 2 day loading phase, tend to have stronger cravings and more challenges during the first few days of P2. They also tend to have lower loss rates during the first week of P2.

How to Load on the HCG Diet

How one loads on Phase 1 of the Hcg Diet is as important as loading itself.  First, select a day to begin that is preferably NOT close to the time of your menstrual cycle if you are a woman.  Begin taking Hcg on day 1 of Phase 1, Loading.  It is important to choose foods eaten on P1 carefully. Select foods that are 1. Foods you crave regularly, so you get these out of the way and avoid temptation in P2.  2. Foods that are fat calorie dense.  Loading gains can sometimes be minimized by concentrating on healthy fats, but staying mostly low carb. An average load gain is about 1-3 pounds. This load gain will usually drop after the first low calorie day.  Read more: How to Load correctly for Phase 1 of the Hcg Diet Plan.

Phase 1 Loading Phase and Foods

Loading Foods List – Suggestions and Tips

Loading gains can sometimes be minimized by concentrating on healthy fats, but staying mostly low carb.  This will usually drop after the first low calorie day.  Loading is a time to focus on fat and calorie dense foods. It is not a time to go heavy on carbs, although carbs are ok.  Just focus on getting healthy omega fats to your fill.  Common loading foods:

bacon, eggs, sausage, cheeseburgers, avocado (yum, guacamole,) milkshakes, baked potato with butter, cashews, chicken thighs, steak, more butter, salmon, peanut butter, cheese, cheesecake and ice cream.

See our Phase 1 Loading Foods List here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Loading (P1)

Can I load for 3 days instead of 2?

Yes. A 2 day loading period has been shown to be successful, however some Hcg Dieters do choose to load for 3 days.  Dr. Simeons would sometimes put patients on a  7 day load, according to the  Original Hcg Diet Manuscript, but  only those that had been eating low fat for a very long time. Nearly all Hcg Diet experts now recommend the 2 day to 3 day loading period.  2 days is sufficient in most cases.  IF you do not feel one of your loading days was completed successfully, you can choose to add  a 3rd day.  Hcg would be taken each of the 3 loading days.

What if I lost weight while loading?

If this happens because you didn’t eat enough, it is acceptable to add a 3rd day, and really focus on fat dense foods as listed above.  (But it is not unusual to lose during the gain.)  If weight is still lost, this is ok and it’s time to continue on to Phase 2. If loading is done correctly, it is almost always guaranteed to cause a gain – which melts off in the first few days of Phase 2, the weight loss phase.  If you lose during loading even though you have eaten really well, just move on to Phase 2 on day 3 and be happy for your head start.

How much weight gain is acceptable while loading?

There is no rule of thumb for how much weight gain is acceptable during the loading phase (P1.)  In fact, this is not a time to worry about weight.  Whatever is gained during this period, will come off, plus more, during the first week of Phase 2.  An average load gain is about 1-3 pounds.

How fast do you lose loading weight in phase 2?

Everyone is different, and no single Hcg Dieter has the same exact results or experience as another. However, as a general rule, most dieters lose around 8 to 12 pounds in the first week (counting load weight), and very often, more. Sometimes dieters will happily lose their whole load gain plus a little more after the first day. Much of this weight loss is water weight, but some is actual fat  which can be measured using a proper fat scale. (Caveat: impedance body fat scales are notoriously inaccurate, but can show the trend.) These are available at your local home goods stores or on Amazon: body fat scales.  


Hcg Diet Loading Phase (P1) Tips

Here are a few quick tips you can follow to help ease the transition from Hcg diet loading days through the start of Phase 2, the weight loss phase:

    • Drink plenty of water.  A properly hydrated body can flush toxins, food preservatives and additives,
    • Start with high quality, high potency Hcg from the start so your Hcg doesn’t need to be reordered shortly after beginning Phase 2.
    • Choose a good amount of your favorite foods, including comfort foods and foods that may be craved during the first week on Phase 2.
    • Choose calorie dense, fat heavy foods with as many omegas as possible.
    • Have your fridge stocked with foods you will need for Phase 2 so you are ready to go.
    • Enjoy yourself! This is a time to not worry, feel guilt, or experience anything other enjoyment.  Bon appetit!



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