Hcg Diet Phase 3 Super Foods

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A Fabulous List of Super Foods for Phase 3 of the Hcg Diet

Phase 3 is a great time to start adding healthy foods that will not only maintain your weight loss, but also offer incredibly health benefits.  One of the best parts is that you'll be able to get your fix of healthy omega meats like smoked salmon and turkey bacon. In addition, if you are vegetarian, not to worry. You can still follow the rules of the diet, without having to consume any meat at all. 

Phase 3 Healthy Super Foods

Vegetarians may find it a bit challenging looking for an hcg-friendly food that suits their needs. Fortunately, it's not that difficult as long as you do the right research and plan ahead! Here is the best weight maintenance foods to try out:

Protein-Rich Foods 

Protein soup P3

You must have an adequate protein intake to help you maintain muscle and keep you satiated for longer. From nuts to meat alternatives, here are great ideas to reach your protein goals:




•Pumpkin Seeds

•Almond Flour


•Flax or Chia Seeds

•Macadamia Nuts

•Silken or Firm Tofu


•Pistachio Nuts


Remember to monitor your portions and do take note of your intake of nuts, as they are quite calorie-dense. A handful of nuts as snacks or pairing with your dishes will work well.

Healthy Fat and Oil Sources for Phase 3


Of course, the first thing you should prioritize is your fat intake. You can use the oils for frying or drizzle on your dishes. These can add a particular flair when using olive oil for salads.

•Avocado (doubles as a protein fix- consider this as an exchange for meat for some meals)

•Salmon (doubles as a protein fix too!)

•Olive Oil

•Avocado Oil

•Coconut Oil

•Black Olives

•Cocoa Butter

•Flax Seed Oil

•Almond Butter

•Unsalted Butter

Low-Carb Vegetables