Phase 3 Superfoods - Cucumber Salad with Eggs

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  1. Sherri Gerhardt says:

    Your blog and all the information was extremely helpful! The whole HCG diet idea has been very confusing and I appreciate your efforts putting it all down. I had an myth idea that if I cheated with sugar or an avocado it would stick to you as a big fat blob and be dangerous for you.
    I’ll be following to see how round 3 goes with the other brand.

    1. Jen, HCG Diet Info Founder says:

      Hello Sherri, thank you so much for reaching out, and for your kind words. I’m so glad this could help you. I know it’s quite eye-opening to realize that these healthy fats can actually help you stay thin and healthy overall. I remember when I first started learning about this- it took a while until I was able to accept that these foods were what my body needed. Until then, I was always going back and forth with, “are you sure?” lol In the end though, adding more of these foods to my diet kept me at a size 6, and extremely healthy. I also noticed when I added foods with preservatives etc, my migraines came back and other issues too. Clean eating and focus on getting those healthy omegas in, are really key to staying fit and well.

  2. Raymond Hague says:

    Thank you for sharing this information about 3 of the superfoods to help others with their diet. HCG Diet would be needing a lot of effort however, this will be a good help to lose help.

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