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    Learn about the different HCG Diet phases including frequently asked questions, how-to’s, tips and more:

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    The “Pre Phase” also known as… The “Doing Your Homework” Phase.

    While this isn’t a traditional phase, we felt it was an important one since it is a necessary stage of the diet.  This is where you gather all your information, determine which provider and protocol you will be following, order your supplies, and of course, establish a menu plan and a proper exercise routine.  Being prepared ultimately means a better HCG Diet experience, from start to finish… and even longer.

    Before staring the HCG Diet, you MUST have a plan established. This will help you reach your goals with the least amount of challenges possible.  It will also help you become successful faster, and for long term results. The checklist:

    1. Gather your sources and support.  HDI, Books, Join forums for support.
    2. Choose an HCG provider: order your HCG and supplies.  We suggest selecting a provider that offers a complete HCG Diet Program rather than going the HCG Do it yourself (DIY) route. Research has shown that dieters who choose a complete program over DIY, have an 84% higher success rate and far less challenges along the way.  Recommended HCG Diet Programs.
    3. Establish an exercise routine: Exercise is not only a great way to amplify your HCG weight loss, but it is also an essential part of keeping the weight off.  Read our guide to exercising on the HCG diet and make a plan!
    4. Establish a menu plan, and gather your HCG Diet recipes. By preparing your approach to food now, you can have a kitchen that is HCG Diet-friendly, making meal time decisions easier and without temptation to stray from the protocol.  Read, Sample Menus and HCG Diet Recipes.
    5. Prepare for challenges. Determine how you will approach challenges, beforehand.
    6. Reward your progress.  Decide what your rewards will be, not just for your end goal, but for different points of your progress. Make your final reward a good one- you’ve earned it!


    There are several traditional phases to the HCG diet, and following each one carefully is important for your overall weight loss.  Phase 1 (P1) is known as the “loading phase.”  Phase 2 (P2) is the “weight loss phase.” Phase 3, is the “maintenance” phase.  Read on for an overview of each phase:

    Phase 1 (P1) Loading Days:  HCG Diet Phase 1.

    Visit the full Phase 1 Page (linked above) for a complete overview and dozens of P1 frequently asked questions, ANSWERED.

    This HCG Diet phase, or, “Loading Days” were not in the original HCG Diet, but rather, introduced by Kevin Trudeau in his book, “The Weight Loss Cure” decades after the original diet was published in “Pounds and Inches” (by ATW Simeons.) The necessity of this stage has since been established as a helpful one, and the majority of modern HCG Diet Plans still include this phase.  We recommend including this phase for many important reasons.

    The first phase is arguably the easiest, and unfortunately only lasts for two days. In the HCG diet phase 1, you are to eat as many fatty, high-calorie foods as possible in order to store enough abnormal body fat to last through phase 2. Foods like fried chicken, pizza, hamburgers and high-fat desserts such as cheesecake or doughnuts are good choices for this phase. The denser the food, the better, so don’t skimp on things like cheese and butter when you’re in phase 1. It might seem counter-intuitive to begin a diet by gorging yourself on as much unhealthy food as possible, but that’s okay. The kind of fat that’s stored when these high-fat, high-calorie foods are eaten will slowly be burned off day by day during the low-calorie phase 2.

    It can be difficult for people to figure out just how much high-fat food to eat during phase 1, but that’s okay. Those who have relatively small appetites can also have trouble with this phase, due to the fact that they just don’t eat very much. If this is the case, it’s lucky that there’s so much high-calorie food available this day and age, especially in America. Fast food places more often than not serve up extremely fatty, calorie-dense foods that can help quite a bit during phase 1 of the HCG diet. The burgers from popular chains usually contain a very large amount of calories for their size, and pairing these with fries and a drink is an excellent way to increase your calorie-count. Red meat is denser and fattier than fish or poultry, so steaks and ribs will go a long way during phase 1 as well.

    Cheese, the diet-destroyer, is your friend during these two days. It’s very high in fat and extremely dense (meaning it has a small recommended portion size relative to it’s calorie-count), and it goes with just about everything. Adding a slice of cheese to a hamburger can up the fat by as much as 9 grams and 90 calories. Pizza with extra cheese would make an excellent meal choice on phase 1 of the HCG diet.

    In order to avoid any potential digestive problems during phase 1, some fiber should also be eaten. Eating small side-salads (loaded with dressing!) in the middle of the day can help provide the dietary fiber necessary to make sure digestion goes smoothly, and snacking on whole wheat crackers and cheese isn’t a bad idea either.

    After phase 1 is over, your diet will consist only of foods selected from a list of approved options, and salt is a no-no. Make sure that during phase 1 you get a good amount of all of the foods you love so as not to feel deprived during phase 2. Remember that the extra fat put on during these two days is supposed to burn off slowly during the next phase, and not having enough stored beforehand can make your final weeks more difficult. The weight loss is fast on the HCG diet and sticking to a healthy lifestyle afterward will ensure you keep it off for good.

    Phase 2 (P2) The Weight Loss Phase.

    Phase 2 is the infamous weight loss phase of the diet, where the strict protocol is followed and rapid weight loss occurs.  This is the most challenging of all HCG Diet Phases and for this reason we have compiled a phase 2 resource page with dozens of frequently asked questions and common topics.


    Phase 3 (P3) The Maintenance Phase.

    Phase 3 of the HCG Diet is the phase just following rapid weight loss.  This phase typically lasts 3 weeks on most protocols and involves the careful introduction of foods not permitted on Phase 2 of the hcg diet.  This is a gradual increase of calories, that allows your digestive system to adjust while also allowing for the opportunity to identify hormonal imbalances that may be responsible for weight gain.  Read more here:  HCG Diet Phase 3 Maintenance Phase


    Phase 4 (P4)