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  • Recommended Hcg Diet Products – A Shopping List for Hcg Dieters

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    I often get asked which products will help with the HCG Diet plan, and where to shop for products, ingredients, supplements, services, etc., mentioned in the articles across HDI.  Here is a list of my personal favorite products and reader-recommended items, most of which you will find in my own home. I’ve also included some of my favorite meal plan services that you may find useful since I always say planning is key to eating healthy; whether you are currently on, or finishing the HCG Diet!

    Please note: Not all, but some of these links are affiliate links so if you purchase any of these items through the links on this page, we make a small commission that is used to help keep HCG Diet Info running, ad-free, membership-free. Rest assured though, HDI only links to products we believe in and support, and if you purchase through these links, you have our sincerest thanks! You can read our full affiliate disclosure here.

    Many of the products on HDI can be found on Amazon.  We love them for their low pricing, fast shipping, and stellar customer service policies.  By the way, if you aren’t a Prime member, you should be! It saves you so much time, offers fab perks and great discount programs.  I signed up for the free trial to get my coconut oil overnighted to me on vacation, almost certain I would cancel before the trial period was over.  Well, now I’m hooked! It’s like having a personal shopper to pick up office supplies, gifts, and so on. Using Prime is totally a good time management strategy.

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    Where to Buy HCG Online

    Where to Buy Bacteriostatic Water (updated regularly for stock availability)

    • Missouri Medical Supplies (Bacteriostatic Water and more.)

    Recommended Books for The HCG Dieter

    Some of these open in a new window for your convenience.

    HCG Dieter Essentials:

    Recommended Foods:

    Grocery Delivery

    • Thrive Market (Healthy foods, 25-50% off retail – Editor’s Fav!)

    Recommended Weight Maintenance Programs:


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