herbalife-protein-drink-mix-hcg-diet. herbalife-protein-drink-mix-hcg-diet.
Hcg Diet 169

Yes, and they’re at the top of the “HCG Diet Friendly Shakes” List.

UPDATE:  Herbalife has changed their ingredients and sugar content.  I no longer recommend them for the Hcg Diet Plan.  I do recommend Nu Image protein shakes or a no-sugar, high fiber protein option that does not contain soy, etc.

If you are already familiar with the New HCG Diet, you know that protein shakes are not only permitted, but highly recommended.  Herbalife has a number of options that will readily work with the diet, and provide you with the recommended vitamins, minerals and protein required for healthy weight loss and maintenance.

“HCG Diet-Friendly Protein Shakes are for those who understand, it’s not just about being skinny, it’s about being HEALTHY.” – Dr. Simons

For Phase 1 (loading) and Phase 3 (maintenance phase) all Herbalife shakes are permitted.  Enjoy any flavor and feel free to use in other recipes including puddings.  For those in Phase 2 of the HCG Diet, there is only one Herbalife Shake that safely fits all protocols:

Protein Drink Mix by Herbalife
Retails for $47.95 (22 servings)
Vanilla Flavor


This particular shake, in this particular flavor, contains a slight (less than 1 gram) of sugar, making it perfectly HCG Diet friendly. 

One container offers:

    22 Servings per shake container.
    Can be used with 100’s of shake & pudding recipes for menu variety.
    Provides 50% of your Daily Value of 24 Vitamins & Minerals.
    15 Grams of Protein.
    >1 Gram Sugar
    0 Saturated/Trans Fat/0 Cholesterol
    Nutrient dense formula helps to promote healthy, optimal weight loss while giving your body exactly what it needs to maintain a healthy metabolism and long term health and vitality.

HCG-Friendly Shake Nutritional Facts

Herbalife Protein Shakes are the ideal meal replacement for HCG dieters seeking great nutrition, the best possible weight loss results and for those worried about straying from the specified HCG diet menu.  This is a proprietary blend maintains low carbohydrate, low fat, yet high protein values with an ideal blend of vitamins and minerals.

This shake mix has also been formulated using low glycemic carbohydrates to help maintain normal levels of blood sugar and insulin.   This encourages the body to dissolve body fat and then convert that fat into useful energy while keeping hunger in check.  This is unique, state-of-the-art custom-engineered nutrition, formulated to include protein, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients your body needs to nourish muscle tissue while you reduce calorie intake and optimize fat burning.

HCG Dieters have also recommended these Herbalife Shakes and products:

    Meal-Replacement Shake This HCG diet Phase 1 and Phase 3-friendly Meal Replacement Shake mix is packed with 100% of the recommended protein and fiber, plus up to 24 essential vitamins and minerals. Each flavor can be used to make dozens of shake and pudding recipes. It’s been scientifically formulated to support metabolic functions at the cellular level, where the HCG Diet does its work.
    Cell Activator Contains aloe, which helps support the body’s absorption of micro nutrients. Supports HCG “cellular energy production” that turns “stored” fat into FUEL… for safe, rapid weight loss. Also supports anti-aging and metabolism because of the cellular regeneration action of the HCG.
    Fiber Complex This formula has been recommended by HCG Dieters having a ‘common issue’ of constipation during Phase 2. (We love the apple flavoring, and the fact that you can dissolve it in recipes, smoothies, etc.)
    Snack Defense A subtle appetite suppressant popular with those still following the restrictive 500 calorie diet.
    Herbal Tea Concentrate Gentle metabolism booster tea with great flavor options.


Hcg Diet 169
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