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    hCG Diet Plan:  Protocol FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about the hCG Diet Plan Protocol

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    Thank you to our Forum Moderator, Grammy1952, for taking the time to answer these questions!  Be sure to subscribe and join in on her exceptional “Ask Grammy” thread in the hCG Diet Forums.

    This section covers frequently asked questions by those already on the hCG Diet Plan.  If you are new to the hCG Diet and looking for the super-basics, we have a general FAQ section just for you!  Read hCG Diet General Information FAQ.

    What is the Correct Starting Dose for the hCG Diet?

    If you’re using shots, a good starting dose is 150 iu. You may need to go down from there (or very rarely up.) If you’re using RX sublingual, most start at 166 iu 2x a day. If you’re using homeopathic, FIRST make sure your drops contain wording similar to this: hCG 3x, 6x, 12x, etc. If they don’t, they are fake and you should not use them. If they list hCG in this way, start with the manufacturer’s recommended dose. You can adjust from there as needed.

    I’m Hungry. What Should I Do?

    Always, always skip a day if you’ve taking hCG for 4 days or more. If you feel better by late afternoon and into the evening, the dose is too high so go down. If the same, then the dose is likely too low and you need to raise it.

    What Vitamins Are Suggested on the hCG Diet?

    None are required. Some may find it helpful to take potassium or magnesium, but many do just fine with no vitamins.

    Can I Start a New Round of hCG before 6 Weeks?

    No. And the length of time between rounds increases with every round. There is a 6 week wait between rounds 1 & 2. 8 weeks between 2 & 3. 12 weeks between 3 & 4 and so on.

    hCG Diet Plan Phase 2:  Can I Stay on P2 Until I Lose All The Weight I Want?

    No, no, no! The maximum weight loss is 34 pounds with a little extra allowed for those who are morbidly obese, and then the limit is 40 pounds before taking a break. So you take a break either at 34 pounds or about 47 days, tops, whichever comes first.

    What Is a High Protein Day on the hCG Diet Plan?

    It’s a correction day where you eat only meat, veggies and fats. No eggs, dairy, or nuts in order to assess what caused the spike in your weight. Some dieters do a high protein day at 2 pounds over their last injection weight in order to abort the point where they need to do a steak day. Others do this correction day after a steak day in order to drop a bit more weight.

    Do I Have to “Load” before starting the hCG Diet?

    Unfortunately yes. It helps trigger the hormonal response necessary to start the weight loss, plus it helps with hunger the first day or two.

    How Many Vials of hCG Do I Need?

    If you’re mixing for your own hCG Diet injections, order 4 2000 iu or 2 5000 iu for a long round. If you’re using sublingual hCG, you’ll need 3 5000 iu vials.

    hCG Diet Plan Phase 2:  Can I Eat Coconut Oil on P2 (Including Cocoa Crack?)

    No. All fats should be avoided while on the diet. Many doctor believe fats derail the hormonal pathway to the hypothalamus and prevent it from resting. So while you may lose okay (though may will gain or stall) it is likely to hamper KEEPING the weight off. There’s plenty of time to enjoy treats in P3.

    hCG Diet and Constipation:  I Haven’t Had a Bowel Movement in Days. What Do I Do?

    Nothing unless you are uncomfortable. It’s perfectly normal to have fewer bowel movements with so little food. But if you’re uncomfortable, take magnesium citrate or Smooth Move tea.

    hCG Diet Food:  Can I Have Turkey? How About Tuna?

    Neither foods are allowed on the original hCG Diet protocol. And it’s not because tuna was canned in oil but fresh fish is mentioned in the protocol. Every food is carefully checked for its hormonal response. This is where many dieters get derailed. They look only at calories or fat grams and think a substitute is fine when it can actually stop the hormonal response.

    Can I Stop Early?

    No. The very shortest round is 23 days actually taking hCG. If you stop before this, the weight is very easily regained. A round of 30 days or more tends to produce the most stable result as well.

    hCG Diet Plan Phase 3:  How Many Carbs Can I Eat in P3?

    This part of the diet is not a low carb protocol per se but we tend to see the best stability when you limit fruit to only 1 a day.  A glass of milk wouldn’t be a good choice because it has 12 carbs, as much as some berries. Starch and added sugar are not allowed. There is no actual carb count that you have to adhere to but be aware of the carbs in whatever you eat.

    Can I Switch from Homeopathic to Prescription hCG for the diet?

    Yes, but you will need to overlap the two methods for 2 days.

    Is Homeopathic As Good As Prescription for the hCG Diet?

    If they are true homeopathic (i.e. the bottle says something like hcg 3x, 6x, 12x, etc) they are known to work for many people.  Choose which option works best for you.

    Should I Do An Apple Day After a Cheat on the hCG Diet?

    No. An apple day is only for a stall of 4 days or more, and even then, it can be pretty useless. An apple day after a cheat is likely to compound the problem because of the carb content.

    Should I Exercise on hCG?

    You can do whatever you’re used to doing. This is not the time to start a strenuous new exercise program though.

    I’m Stalled on the hCG Diet. Is My Body Trying To Tell Me It’s Done?

    Stalls on the hCG Diet are normal and to be expected. The first week’s weight loss includes a lot of water lost. When your body begins to add the fluid back, even as you’re losing fat, the scale doesn’t budge. It can be very frustrating, but it’s normal.

    I’m Not Losing a Pound a Day. What Should I Do?

    A pound a day is not everyone’s average.  Everyone is different. Most women lose .5-.75 per day on average.  Men tend to lose more.  An average loss on a long round is 25-28 pounds for women and 28-32 pounds for men.

    Should I Stop My Medications While On the hCG Diet Plan?

    You should never stop your medications unless a doctor tells you to. Most medications do not interfere with the hCG Diet protocol either.

    hCG Diet and Menstruation:  My Period is Late. What Should I Do?

    hCG is known to effect with your menstrual cycle. It’s not a problem and can be safely ignored.  However, if there’s a chance you’re pregnant, you should get tested. If you’re taking hCG Diet shots, a pregnancy test will likely show very “light” positive.  If the result is a “dark” positive, get to a doctor and eat more food until you know for sure.

    Where Do I Inject hCG Diet Shots?

    The easiest and most comfortable place to inject is in the stomach, about 2″ out from the naval and about as far down on either side of the naval. Read How to: Injection Tips for hCG Diet Shots.

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