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  • HCG Diet Review

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    With so many hCG Diet reviews online filled with misinformation, it’s easy to understand why there is so much confusion surrounding this incredibly popular diet plan.  It’s time to set the record straight.  we’ve asked our network of hCG specialty doctors and coaches to contribute their years of research and experience treating HCG weight loss patients for an accurate and thorough review of the protocol.

    The HCG Diet Reviewed

    Chances are you’ve heard plenty about the HCG diet plan.  The “hormone diet” that allows you to lose a pound per day and reports millions of individuals who have kept the weight off for years.  Could it be true?  According to Dr. Oz and Dr. Sherri Emma, Absolutely.  For the first time in history, a medical diet has been designed with the specific approach of addressing one of the main reasons for weight gain;  hormone deficiency and hormone imbalance.  The result?  A hormone therapy in the form of a diet protocol, that results in muscle and metabolism stimulation and pure fat loss- a strategy that results in a strong metabolism and physically leaner body.

    The History of the HCG Diet

    What was initially published by Dr ATW Simeons as the original HCG Diet manuscript, (“Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity” published in 1954) has now become known as the “Simeons Protocol” – just one of many variations of the currently referenced HCG Diet Plan.  The jist of the protocol:  Lose 1 pound per day, while injecting carefully specified doses of hCG, not exercising, and eating a very strict 500 calorie diet.

    The critics quickly claimed the caloric restrictions were the reason behind the weight loss, not the hCG hormone.  They also claimed the weight loss could not be maintained and heavily disagreed with the restrictions of the original protocol. Specifically, the prohibited use of  oil based beauty products, limits for fruits and vegetables per day, prohibited exercise, etc.

    Well, times have changed and so has the diet.

    So what is the NEW approach to the hCG Diet?

    Today, the New HCG Diet protocol has helped millions of individuals to lose impressive amounts of weight and keep it off.  The growing success however, has been linked to the more modified protocols of countless doctors and specialists, based on the modern knowledge of science and nutrition as well as physical mechanics.

    Based on years of research and the treatment of thousands of patients, the Simeons Protocol is no longer the main preference when it comes to hCG Diet plans.  Instead, it has been replaced with approached supported by countless studies and clinical trials; one in particular was recently presented and positively accepted by physicians at the October 2012 meeting of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians.  This particular plan includes a customized dosing method that takes gender and age into consideration.  Like many of the comparable protocols, the diet menu ranges from 500 to 1500 calories which is also determined by personalized factors of the patient.  In addition, exercise is now integrated with the modern versions of the diet.  Suggested exercise plans typically range from walking to yoga and other low impact workouts.

    Are HCG injections effective for weight loss?  Absolutely.  The better question to ask however…. How does it work?

    First, it’s important to understand that HCG does not result in weight loss.  The DIET itself results in the weight loss.  The important factor however, is that HCG injections change HOW you lose the weight, and ultimately, how you keep the weight off.

    • Based on the reports of thousands of hCG weight loss patients, HCG reduces feelings of hunger. This allows them to eat smaller portions, yet still continue their day comfortably. Why is this?  According to Dr. Sheri Emma, the very presence of HCG in the bloodstream reduces the appetite.
    • HCG is no ordinary hormone-  it is considered a “pro-hormone” which triggers the body to create more hormones.  It is no secret that hormone deficiency or imbalance is one of the most common reasons for weight gain. Often these issues are related to menopause, andropause, or thyroid- and hCG has been proven to help with these conditions.
    • HCG injections raise the natural levels of HCG in the bloodstream, and has been shown to be the only acceptable approach to taking HCG at this time.  HCG diet drops, pills, and sprays have been shown to diminish greatly before reaching the blood and show much lower impact on HCG levels in the blood stream.
    • HCG injections maintain muscle while helping the body to shed fat.  Hormone receptors on muscle fibers respond directly to the increased hormone levels in the body of patients injecting HCG, which then stimulates an anabolic state, building muscle and counteracting muscle breakdown.  While starvation diets and fasts will shed muscle mass and dramatically slow the metabolism (resulting in weight regain later),  HCG injections have the opposite result.  Lean muscle is maintained, keeping the metabolism stimulated for long term fat loss.

    The result?  A protocol that results in the stimulation of the metabolism by stimulating muscle to burn fat for a stronger metabolism that allows people to lose weight and maintain that weight loss for long term results.

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