HCG Diet HONEST Reviews and Testimonials

With so many Hcg Diet reviews online filled with misinformation, it’s easy to understand why there is so much confusion surrounding this incredibly popular diet plan.  It’s time to set the record straight.  We’ve asked our Hcg Diet Info Forum members and our network of Hcg Diet doctors and coaches to contribute their years of research and experience treating HCG weight loss patients for an accurate and thorough review of the protocol.

Note about the photos above: These are REAL photos, and the majority are Hcg Diet results after 1 round of Hcg (approximately 1 month.)  The average loss for these individuals in 1 round is 24 pounds for women, and 35 pounds for men. (The highest I have seen is 59 pounds lost in a “long round” by a man in our forums.) To read GENUINE experiences from real Hcg Dieters, I suggest reading the “Results & Success Stories” section in our Hcg Diet forums: while I could share many of their stories here, there is simply no way to capture 10+ years of unbiased testimonials, in a way that shares the incredible impact this diet has had on their lives.  Check those out here: Hcg Diet Forums: Results and Success Stories.

The History of the HCG Diet Plan

What was initially published by Dr ATW Simeons as the original HCG Diet manuscript, (“Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity” published in 1954) has now become known as the “Simeons Protocol” – just one of many variations of the currently referenced HCG Diet Plan.  The jist of the protocol:  Lose 1 pound per day, while injecting carefully specified doses of hCG, not exercising, and eating a very strict 500 calorie diet.

The critics quickly claimed the caloric restrictions were the reason behind the weight loss, not the hCG hormone.  They also claimed the weight loss could not be maintained and heavily disagreed with the restrictions of the original protocol. Specifically, the prohibited use of  oil based beauty products, limits for fruits and vegetables per day, prohibited exercise, etc.

Well, times have changed and so has the diet. Read on to learn more…

Are HCG injections effective for weight loss? 

Absolutely.  The better question to ask however…. How does it work?

First, it’s important to understand that HCG does not result in weight loss.  The DIET itself results in the weight loss.  The important factor however, is that HCG injections change HOW you lose the weight, and ultimately, how you keep the weight off.

  • Based on the reports of thousands of hCG weight loss patients, HCG reduces feelings of hunger. This allows them to eat smaller portions, yet still continue their day comfortably. Why is this?  According to Dr. Sheri Emma, the very presence of HCG in the bloodstream reduces the appetite.
  • HCG is no ordinary hormone-  it is considered a “pro-hormone” which triggers the body to create more hormones.  It is no secret that hormone deficiency or imbalance is one of the most common reasons for weight gain. Often these issues are related to menopause, andropause, or thyroid- and hCG has been proven to help with these conditions.
  • HCG injections raise the natural levels of HCG in the bloodstream, and has been shown to be the only acceptable approach to taking HCG at this time.  HCG diet drops, pills, and sprays have been shown to diminish greatly before reaching the blood and show much lower impact on HCG levels in the blood stream.
  • HCG injections maintain muscle while helping the body to shed fat.  Hormone receptors on muscle fibers respond directly to the increased hormone levels in the body of patients injecting HCG, which then stimulates an anabolic state, building muscle and counteracting muscle breakdown.  While starvation diets and fasts will shed muscle mass and dramatically slow the metabolism (resulting in weight regain later),  HCG injections have the opposite result.  Lean muscle is maintained, keeping the metabolism stimulated for long term fat loss.

The result?  A protocol that results in the stimulation of the metabolism by stimulating muscle to burn fat for a stronger metabolism that allows people to lose weight and maintain that weight loss for long term results.

Read the HCG Diet Plan 2018 Guide here.

Curious about Hcg Diet results? This page includes various reviews and testimonials, as well as personal experiences from Hcg Dieters that frequent our forums:

Hcg Diet Results over 3 rounds: Hcg Diet Info Forums member: April M.

Round 1: 29 lbs
Round 2: 26 lbs (with cheat)
Round 3: pounds lost so far is 17 lbs and counting (not finished with this round yet 🙂 )

This is my third round, and each one I’ve done a little differently…learning curve

Round 1 –
I mixed with everything from Nu Image but did enough early research to know their 200 IU dosing instruction was too much. So I mixed per NI instruction, with their B12 solution (5000 w/ 5 ml), but took 150 instead of 200. Pretty early on (within 10 days maybe?) I was hungry and dropped to 125 per Grammy’s suggestion. Stayed there and had a good round.

Round 2 –
Learned more, read more here [in the Hcg Diet Info Forums]. Mixed the Grammy way, 5000 IU with 10 ml bac. HCG from NI and bac from Missouri Medical. Started out at 125, eventually lowered to 110-115 or so. But a good round nonetheless. Had a little incident with some vodka and club soda, but that was all on me. Not due to the mix or dose.

Round 3-
Same, bought hcg from NI and bac from MM. Although this time completely forgot about the Grammy mix. So I mixed 5000 IU with 5ml. This week I needed to mix a new batch and mixed the Grammy way. I don’t feel any difference in hunger with the different mixes or change in my losses. But understand it’s easier to adjust the dose with the less potent mix. I’m still at 110. Went down to 100 for a few days but then realized it was my mix, not the dose causing some hunger. So after I mixed new I bumped back up to 110 just to see, and feel great with zero hunger. I have another round ahead of me so was worried about getting too low.

[Jen asks if April was feeling any stinging at the injection site with the un-diluted mix]

Hmmm…no difference in sting that I’ve noticed, but I’ll have to pay attention to that. There have been a handful of times, across all rounds, where I’ve had a tad bit of bruising but I can’t recall which mix dilution at the time. I don’t think there is a correlation for me. But I can’t be sure either. 99% of my injections are pain, sting, and bruise free.

No difference in hunger between the two. The only real significant advantage, for me anyway, doing the Grammy way is that it’s easier to lower dosage. You can lower in smaller increments. At least with less guess work on the needle haha. I guess when I said I was hungry due to mix this round, I meant it was just simply time to mix new. My current mix was approaching 4 weeks so losing potency on its own. I will probably mix Grammy’s way next round. Seems like it will become more important as my dose gets smaller. Just my guess, not Grammy confirmed

Feel free to use this, ok by me. Just my experiences and I know everyone is different. I find NI can be a little slow to fill my order but if I call them they jump on it right away. Overall I’m pleased. Perhaps not the least expensive place to buy, but at this point I trust their quality so am not willing to change sources.

Jen’s Hcg Weight Loss Plan Reviewed

I have read a number of reviews over the last 15+ years.  I can safely say that about 99% of them were written by individuals who had never tried, nor thoroughly researched the Hcg Diet Plan.  

Crazy enough, even more were written by individuals who had zero interest in writing anything that wasn’t designed to merely rank with the search engines- ya, I’m pointing to you, WebMD, who actually wrote that Hcg used for the diet used hCG from the “urine of pregnant women.” [lol] 

I really did laughed out loud when I read that article (for the record, hCG hormone used for the Hcg Diet, is synthetic and made in a medical laboratory.)  So to clear up the madness of all those misinformed reviews out there, here is a review based on 15+ years of listening to Hcg Dieters, my own research and my personal experience along with the Hcg Diet.  

Reviews and Testimonials, Based on Research and Personal Experience

Read my 90 pound Hcg Diet journey and success story.

The fact is, I personally used the Hcg Diet plan to lose nearly 90 pounds back in 2002, when every other diet failed me. I kept the weight off using the skills and habits I learned from protocol itself, and again used the Hcg Diet to lose 45 lbs after having my baby in 2017/2018.  

The weight loss was great, but another benefit, was how it changed my approach to food, my understanding of portions and ingredients, and my overall approach to eating and healthy living.  So when someone asks for my personal diet review… I have to say, it works.  

What is the Hcg Diet to me?

The Hcg Diet is a medical weight loss plan using hormone therapy. It is also a cleanse that teaches  the importance of portion control, eating whole foods, avoiding processed foods, unhealthy starches and sugars.  

Take a look at the Hcg Diet Foods List and you will see what I mean- the allowed foods are heavy in vegetables and lean protein, and healthy green carbohydrates, while excluding minimal processed carbohydrates and processed sugars.  In fact, the majority of the carbohydrates come from vegetables, like spinach, kale and asparagus.

Now let’s get to the good stuff… those frequently asked questions and common misconceptions…

Hcg Diet Side Effects, Risks and Dangers

I can honestly say, that out of the millions of posts in the Hcg Diet Forums over the last 15 years, I have seen almost no side effects, with the exception of those who opted to purchase overseas hCG (which I strongly advise against doing since they are widely known to be fake, and potentially made with toxic ingredients.)  The overseas hCG has resulted in serious hair loss, cysts, stomach cramps and a few more serious illnesses, although most just discovered their hCG tested negative for actual hCG hormone.  When it comes to the vetted USA Hcg sources and programs recommended on Hcg Diet Info, I have seen ZERO incidents of serious side effects or illness.

Hcg Diet Weight Loss Program Reviews:

Most articles on hCG side effects and dangers, are in reference to the 10,000 IU fertility treatments for woman. The fact is, hCG used for the Hcg Diet Protocol, is a fraction of the dosage used for fertility, and even with fertility hCG volumes, the side effects and dangers are reported as minimal.  

Hcg used for Weight loss compared to Hcg used for Fertility 

  • Average hCG dosage for the Hcg Diet is 125 to 200 IU, daily.  
  • Average hCG dosage for fertility treatments in men is 1500 IU.
  • Average hCG dosage for fertility treatments in women is 10,000 IU.

Where the REAL risk lies…

I regularly revisit the “side effects” section of the HDI forums to keep up to date on any new concerns, however I can’t help but share the serious health risks that come along with being overweight obese. In addition, I believe the Hcg Diet, in my eyes, is far less risky, compared to extremely invasive lapland surgical procedures… I shake my head at anyone that claims the Hcg Diet is dangerous.  

How Does the HCG Diet make you lose weight?

When it comes to the scientific side, Dr. Sharon Emma, (featured on the Dr. Oz show) and has extensively researched the diet, and explains the effects of hCG hormone.  In her description, hCG is a pre-hormone that triggers a chain reaction in the body, resulting in the stimulation of muscle follicles… and, in a nutshell, hCG results in the preservation of muscle mass that allows the body to avoid going into a catabolic cycle (otherwise known as “starvation mode”) that would normally occur with calorie  restriction.

In layman’s terms:  Anytime the body experiences a decrease in calories, the body enters a catabolic state- even if it is minimal.  The metabolism slows and the body will cycle between burning available food, fat, and muscle.  While the body may lose fat, it will also lose muscle mass as well.

According to Dr. Emma’s explanation, what hCG does, is to avoid the loss of muscle mass.  Since the muscle remains intact, it continues to require fat to burn as fuel.  When the Hcg Dieter follows the very clean, very specific, low calorie menu as outlined by Dr. Simeons, they reduce calorie intake significantly, however the body does NOT go into starvation mode.  Instead, the body continues to burn fat (not muscle) at the patient’s regular metabolic rate.

Calorie Intake.

You may have heard that the Hcg Diet Protocol includes a VLCD menu of 500 calories.  While this is outlined in the original manuscript, the true intake of the protocol averages between 500 and 800 calories per day, with some doctors and programs going as high as 1600 calories.  This depends on the protocol variation the patient and doctor feel comfortable with.

My Hcg Diet Results – Before and After

Personally, I varied my Hcg Diet menu to be between 800 and 1000 calories per day, with most of my calories coming from vegetables.  (Yes, I have tried this approach without the protocol and lost 8 pounds compared to the 26 pounds I lost with the hCG. See: Hcg Diet Results.) I stuck to the allowed Hcg Diet foods list.  My last round of the Hcg Diet, I lost 26 pounds with this approach (That’s less than a month) and I felt great;  my energy was high, my skin was glowing and I lost those sugar cravings that were ruling my world.  You can read, Jen’s Hcg Diet success story to learn more about my journey.  Here is my most recent protocol: Jen’s Modified Hcg Diet Protocol.  To compare, I recommend reading Grammy’s modified Hcg Diet Protocol.

Is the Hcg Diet a ketosis diet?

No. When done correctly, the Hcg Diet is NOT a ketosis-based diet.  In fact, when done correctly, the amount of vegetables and fruit, (including oranges which contain a good amount of natural sugars,) do not allow the body to go into a state of ketosis.  In fact, this is not the point of the protocol at all and should not be the goal of the dieter.

The REAL Purpose of the Protocol

The REAL purpose of the diet is to lose weight, AND retrain the mind and body to adjust to healthy foods and eating habits.  This includes removing processed and prepackaged foods from the everyday diet, clearing out sugar-cravings and starch-based carbohydrates, creating a favorable food palette  to enjoy vegetables and whole foods that nourish the body.  (For example, I used to crave twinkies. I now crave kale salads.)

Hcg Diet Portions

Another benefit of the protocol, is adjusting to appropriate portion sizes. Did you know that portion sizes in America are currently as high as 700% more than necessary? (Research study by NCBI.gov.) There is no need to wonder why over 60% of Americans (this varies in other countries) are now obese;  we are eating excessive volumes processed, prepackaged foods that are more than our body can break down and use for fuel. 

Hcg Diet and Sugar Cravings

Did you know that yeast in the body is what creates sugar cravings because that is what yeast bacteria feeds on- the more sugar you eat, the more sugar cravings you get.  However, once yeast is starved of sugar, the cravings cease.  I learned this first hand in my own Hcg experience and have experienced this over the years (which is why I researched it.)

To conclude my review…

I encourage anyone interested in the diet to read through the following reviews submitted by fellow Hcg Dieters, but also read the success stories and testimonials page.  Better yet, take the time to read through the personal posts of over 100k Hcg Diet Info members in the Hcg Diet Forums and get a feel for the real side of the diet.  In the end, it is what is right for each of us, and what finally works for you.  

Reviews from Readers

Weight Loss and Reviews by Dr. Dez

The Hcg Diet Plan is the medical weight loss hormone diet that allows you to lose up to a pound per day and reports millions of individuals who have kept the weight off for years.  According to countless doctors and the testimonials of millions of Hcg Diet patients, the diet works, and it works well.  

So how does the diet plan accomplish this?  By using the hCG hormone to help the body keep its muscle mass, even with serious calorie reduction.  This in turn, requires the body’s metabolism to continue at it’s normal pace in an effort to support it’s own muscle mass.  Since the body needs to feed the muscle, it turns to fat cells, using stored adipose fat tissue as energy: a strategy that results in a strong metabolism and physically leaner body.

Reviews of the Protocol

The Hcg Diet Protocol includes a very low calorie diet combined with usage of the HCG hormone. You may think that on very low calorie diets (VLCD) no hormones are necessary to lose weight and you will be right. Remember though, that eating little puts your body in a catabolic mode (muscle and cellular breakdown) and you will lose muscle and probably harm your organs in a significant way. HCG is known to encourage the production of testosterone which has a strongly anti-catabolic effect. To simplify – it will protect your cells from breaking down and starving!

Why preserving muscle mass is important…

You may not wish to be muscular or at least it’s not your priority. Still, muscle consumes a lot of energy and that means the more muscle mass the more calories you burn even at rest! It gets better – by shedding only fat your body will not only become smaller but also shapelier. So think about it this way – you’re not necessarily aiming to be a bodybuilder but muscle will help prevent that loose skin and ‘flabby’ look once you’ve lost all this fat! It’s important to understand that HCG injections are not a miracle weight loss solution. In fact they don’t do much in this regard unless you follow a strict diet. The difference is rather in the way you lose (safely and efficiently).

Even though HCG has been compared to appetite suppressants it works in a completely different way. Suppressant pills are strong stimulants which pose danger to your health and yes, they may speed up your metabolism temporarily but once you’ve stopped taking them, you’re pretty much back to square 1. Compared to this effect HCG alone will not make you lose weight but it will enhance it and help you improve your metabolism so that you don’t need to take caffeine loaded pills for the rest of your life.

History and Myths of the HCG Diet Plan 

It all started in the 50’s when Dr. Simeons conducted research involving HCG injections and dieting and published his results in “Pounds and Inches”.  Due to lack of evidence that the HCG protocol actually had weight loss properties the FDA never accepted it as a legit obesity cure.

There were certain elements of dr. Simeons’ protocol that seemed like a fad and were not accurate scientifically. For example, the ‘loading days’. Pigging out for 2 days before the diet does not in any way support weight loss, quite the contrary. Also, promoting binging amongst people with a weight issue is not the best idea in itself. Among others, Simeons also limits the daily protein intake and types of vegetables that can be consumed which is not logical given that these proportions are the same for everyone regardless of gender, age, size and activity level.  He also forbids use of any oil whatsoever; including body lotions and makeup that contains oil! That is quite preposterous since no evidence exists that the cosmetics mentioned can be absorbed that deep through the epidermis and digested by the body! As for the fatty foods, yes they are calorie dense but some fats are healthy and essential to the functioning of our bodies so being that strict is simply unnecessary.

Dr. Simeons also believed that women should not take the HCG injections during their menstrual cycles. It is not clear what the contraindication would be but while it doesn’t make sense to stop during a menstrual cycle, caution is required as they may be altered by the HCG. If in doubt, this can be consulted with a physician.

Last, and perhaps the biggest myth – propagated by Dr. Simeons, is that HCG dieters shouldn’t exercise. As much as weight loss may appear slower due to muscle inflammation and growth caused by exercise – these are positive changes that lead to lifestyle alteration needed in obese patients!

Reviews of Dr. Emma’s Hcg Protocol

Dr. Emma saw great potential in the HCG Diet but her research and observations led to the conclusion that it needed to be modified as Dr. Simeons’ Protocol contained many elements that didn’t make sense. For example as Dr. Emma validly observed – a more flexible approach to each patient when it comes to the daily amount of calories helps the stick to it. The amount of calories should take into account their age, size and activity level as well as preference. Even though, Dr. Emma’s tests confirmed that even a VLCD is safe with the aid of HCG injections, this diet should always be overseen by a physician.

It is not known why exactly but trials certainly confirm a correlation between HCG and decreased appetite vs. placebo. It is possible that this is the mild version of the ‘pregnancy nausea’ caused by the HCG in pregnant women.

Dr. Emma also believes that Dr. Simeons was wrong in assuming the diet could only be continued and effective for 6 weeks. She conducted studies with patients for a few months at a time which proved successful and safe.

Long Term Effects of the Hcg Diet Plan

Dr. Emma’s Protocol encourages building up healthy habits such as: clearing your house of junk food, entirely excluding sugar from your diet, starting a food diary and planning ahead. These healthy habits will help you not just during the diet but most of all will enhance maintenance.  Patients are also encouraged to stay hydrated, consume healthy protein and small meals supplemented by healthy snacks.  The protocol provides detail information on what to do during a stall and types of exercise that can be performed. Sample foods and menus have also been prepared.


The Hcg Diet Protocol is an effective way of changing overweight patient’s lives, developing healthy habits, tracking calories and controlling portion size. It is great that it’s conducted under a doctor’s supervision and it saves metabolism boosting muscle as well as improves blood sugar and cholesterol.

The diet plan was originally designed by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons as a solution for severe obesity. It was intended to be overseen by a doctor and combined a minute amount of hCG (human gonadotropin) with a strict, 500 Calorie VLCD (very low calorie diet) of carefully selected foods and drinks (see, hCG Diet Foods.) It also required careful planning in the use of personal products that may inhibit the weight loss process including oil based lotions, cosmetics etc. Today however, the hCG Diet Plan has been modified and there are literally dozens of variations including oral hCG Diet Drops, homeopathic hCG Diet Plans, hCG Diet Patches, Sublingual hCG Diet Plans, and a lesser number of hCG Diet Shot protocols.

The HCG diet contains a number of different phases, requires that individuals eat only 500-800 calories per day and take Hcg Diet injections, Hcg Diet drops or pellets. 

If you are considering going on the HCG diet, please speak with your doctor or find a reputable Hcg weight loss program to get started. They will be able to give you the best advice concerning this highly regimented weight loss plan.