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  1. Can a person diagnosed with an illness (diabetes, cancer, fibroids) participate in the hcg weight loss diet?

    1. I have spoken with plenty of people who had these illnesses and still used the Hcg Diet to lose weight and get healthy. I do recommend speaking with a doctor however, since every case is different.

  2. I enjoy exercising in several different forms. I was told it was detrimental to the diet. Is that true

    1. I believe that is the “old way” of looking at exercise on the diet. Every doctor I speak to that is familiar with the Hcg Diet agrees that exercise is extremely beneficial while on the protocol. Not only does it keep your metabolism raised, but you benefit from so many other factors… the most important one is prepping yourself for weight loss maintenance. I will say however, that most doctors do advise proceeding with caution and keeping all exercise to low impact and avoiding high intensity workouts, especially during transitioning between phases.

      I personally exercise while on the diet but I stick to yoga, pilates, jogging and yoga-ing on my rebounder, and I do quite a bit of walking. I avoid my more intense favorite workouts such as boxing, hot/bikram yoga, and running. I hope that clears things up, but definitely feel free to ask whichever doctor or specialist that is with your Hcg Supplier.

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