This is a Phase 2, Hcg Diet tip I just had to share because it worked for me.  You see, after my last round of Hcg injections, where I lost 28 pounds, I started having some struggles with emotional eating.  Big surprise right? Considering in the last year, I have lost my brother, my sister and my niece.  Well, as the grief was really settling in after my round finished, I found myself having some serious challenges with emotional eating.  I waited to start my 2nd round, while I got a little help for this from Diet Doc (something amazing that I will be sharing in the next few weeks.)  So, while on my 2nd round, it was no surprise that I was feeling the urge to nibble… despite not being hungry.  It was comfort eating and comfort foods I wanted.  There were a few times wen my portion sizes were overboard, so I decided I needed a safeguard.

What did I do?  I picked up the phone, called my friend and invited her over for a sleepover… a week long sleepover.  Go ahead and laugh- she did! I explained to her that I was doing a medical weight loss cleanse and asked if she would be up for cleansing with me.  She was game!  A few days later, she arrived at my front door, bags packed, fuzzy slippers in hand.

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Why did I do this?  Accountability for one!  Live-in support and a bandwagon approach was helpful too.  The best part though… it made the Hcg Diet fun for me again!  I felt like a little kid… who loved eating vegetables.

So how did it work?

I didn’t expect my friend to do follow the Hcg Diet protocol with me, so instead we devised a plan, where she was eating mostly raw vegetables and foods, along with avocado smoothies as well as clean and lean proteins.  Basically the same as my diet, but she had larger portions and far more healthy fats such as avocados, coconut oil, almond milk, and nuts.

Every morning, we drank our “salad smoothies” and went for a walk.  When we returned to the house, we had 2 eggs with arugula or spinach and hot sauce.  When snack time approached, we had apple slices waiting for us in the fridge… which I would sprinkle with Cappys seasoning & a dab of cayenne for a little change-up.  With every meal, we practiced conscious eating… another little something  I’ll be sharing in my upcoming posts.  The most important technique we discovered though, was  s-l-o-w-i-n-g   d-o-w-n and truly being aware of what we were eating.  We found that taking a few moments of silence to appreciate and acknowledge what we were eating, left us much more satisfied and feeling good about ourselves.

I also made a few dishes that we could both eat.  I made my favorite turkey meatball soup in the crockpot.  I’ll be posting this on – it’s easy and tastes so good, even my 2 year old loves it and asks for more.  This became our “standard dish” since it was easy to make and keep in the fridge.  An Hcg Diet tip I share often:  Incredibly convenient foods, help avoid impulse-cheating.  We also kept bins of arugula and spinach on hand, along with cherry tomatoes and chicken breast that we pre-shredded and kept in the fridge.  Perfect for a Hcg Diet P2 dinner- we could make an arugula and spinach salad with tomatoes and chicken.  This topped with a bit of fancy balsamic vinegar I picked up at a local farmers market- so good!

Another great snack I kept on hand, was dried & seasoned kale chips.  If you haven’t tried these, I highly recommend them.  They come in different flavors and are great to keep in your purse on the go while in Phase 2.  They can be a bit expensive in some stores, but you can easily make your own. I’ll be sure to post a recipe for this as well.

A few things that are permitted on the Hcg Diet that my friend and I agreed to avoid.  1. Diet sodas.  I learned long ago that diet sodas, especially those containing aspartame, are the kiss of death on the Hcg Diet Plan.  Nothing slowed my weight loss faster, than this.  Instead, we opted for seltzers and chilled water with cucumbers (plus lemon in my friend’s water- I passed since I’m allergic to lemons.)  The 2nd thing we agreed to forego… oranges.  While most people do just fine with their Hcg Diet weight loss while having the permitted oranges, I personally find that my losses slow, plus, they do have quite a bit of sugar in them and I wanted to kick the sugar cravings.  Not a big deal, but oranges were out.

Overall, this little “test” worked, exceedingly well.  So well in fact, that I will plan to have another sleepover for my 3rd and final round on the Hcg Diet.  Not only did it help with my eating, to have a friend in-house, but I also found it easy to keep active this way.  We went for walks twice a day, picked up a yoga class here and there, and we were always eager to step out of the house to do something.  I think, from a psychological point, it always made my Hcg Diet effortless simply because I was more focused on my friend and having fun, than worrying about what I was going to eat next, or thinking about what I couldn’t have.  So, if you have a buddy that can spare a few days away, I definitely suggest inviting them over for a little Hcg Diet buddy support.  Even if you don’t have a spare guest room, I think this approach would work great with a buddy you can just regularly be in touch with.  Pick up the phone, shoot a text, share pics of your Hcg Diet lunch, compare recipes, or FaceTime over a walk.  At the very least you can grab a buddy in the HDI forums to keep you on track and on the right path to meet your goals!

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