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When using the HCG Injections for weight loss, any additional “add-ins” that you may or do receive should be based on what your body is needing at the time.

It is not unusual to obtain a B12 shot as the majority of the US Citizens actually walk around with a deficiency of this vital vitamin
to the Human body.

The typical “synthetic” vitamins do nothing to replenish what most of us to not get from our foods as we once did, I could certainly continue on this very point but will refrain and keep the conversation on point here.

HCG is has has been since the discovery in the 70's a wonderful way to lose weight.

Now, does this mean you should run out there after the losing phase of the program, and lose your mind eating any all everything you used to eat? (I am assuming the program you are on DOES have a Maintenance Program, right?) That is a simple answer, and it is NO. Why would you want to put yourself on a crash course to be right back where you were?!

If you are on a valid program you WILL lose the weight if you follow the program correctly. You are not only losing fat… you are losing excess fluids – that is correct – inflammation- the cause of death at a CELLULAR level!

Therefore, allow your body to cleanse by eating the correct foods – not the processed crud that most of us think as “scrumptious” until we sit and realize if you cannot pronounce it and it isn't a “natural” food…should you REALLY be putting that in your mouth!?  How long will it “stay” in your body?

Think about this.. what DO preservatives do long term? Can anyone tell me why you would want to eat one of the VERY ingredients found in Sunscreens?? Thats right folks… check your labels! It warrants our attention and it is time to take ownership of our bodies and what we put in them.

It is completely normal to lose between 4-9 pounds a week. If you are concerned that you are “gaining” back what you have
lost? Honestly – are you…

1) drinking all of your water…
2) eating ONLY what your program allows
3) keeping soft drinks to a minimum (SODIUM content in sugar free)
and regular soft drinks are NOT on the program – or shouldn't be
4) When do you measure? What of the success there?
5) Is it close to time for your “cycle?”
6) Are you …um….”eliminating” ok? (Bowel movements)

There are a number of counselors and others in the medical profession that come to this site's forums and assist as time allows. Consider asking questions and sharing your current status in the boards: http://hcgdietinfo.com/hcgvanillaforum/


Hcg Diet 169


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