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The hCG Diet Tracker Spreadsheet shared by Senior HDI member, Raquel.  Please stop by the hCG Diet Forums and give her a “thank you” click for sharing this!

hCG Diet Tracker Spreadsheet

A Message from Raquel:
Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share with you, this amazing tool (monstrosity of a spreadsheet) that i created (obsessed over.)  I am hoping that it helps you all out on your own hCG Diet journey.

This hCG Diet Tracker Spreadsheet tracks:

1.) Your daily intake and outgo. It counts your calories and has a place to record your daily dose amounts and even rate your hunger experience while on the diet.

2.) Tracks your weight progress, average losses, total losses and graphs it!

3.) Measurement tracker for almost everything you would want to measure (heads out of the gutter!)  It shows your total inches lost and also totals specific areas so you can see the overall or total on a specific area.

I hope you all enjoy it as much as i did while creating it! (yup, total nerd)

If you have questions or need spreadsheet tweaks, please PM Raquel in the hCG Diet Forums.

(Spreadsheet in Signature here:  hCG Diet Tracker Spreadsheet)

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