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  1. Beverly Parraz says:

    A bit frustrated with the Black Friday code. It was noted that we could put the item in a cart for nuimage and I tried to but it put me to the end with the original price and a order placed. Secondly, I contacted them and had to cancel and when replacing the order the revealed code would not work well I wanted the pellets and when I went back to order the injections it took it. There was no specifications on what you should order. Very disappointed as I waited and counted down to the last second for the code. Anyway I guess I will wait for another sale cause it’s a bit pricey. Thank you

    1. I’m so sorry to hear this Beverly!!! I heard from so many people that were successful and just 2 that had a glitch, but nothing like what you experienced- I’m so sorry! Did you try calling them? Their customer service is so great. I hate for you to have to wait for another sale, as Nu Image doesn’t have them very often. Diet Doc is also excellent and I will probably get an early access sale option from them for New Year’s I hope 🙂

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