Prescription HCG injections used for the HCG diet are sold in vials of 5000iu.  All HCG vials contain this amount of HCG powder.  The “iu” is a measurement of the amount and means “international unit.”

For Hcg Injections:  1 Vial of 5000iu HCG will last approximately 3 to 4 weeks for injections.  The HCG should only be purchased in powdered form, and mixed for injections once you are ready to begin your round.  Once it is mixed, it will slowly begin to lose potency, but is good for up to a month (4 weeks.)

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Refrigeration:  Do NOT freeze HCG hormone. However, the HCG must be refrigerated once mixed into liquid form, and any remaining HCG after this period should be replaced.  

For Hcg Drops:  There are two options for Hcg hormone drops: prescription and homeopathic. This is NOT to be confused with hormone free diet drops, which are little more than amino acids and alcohol as a preservative.  The hormone free drops should NOT be used with the protocol, but some people choose to use them as an additional supplement.

Prescription Hcg is offered by very few sources. The amount used, is typically double of that used for injections, to make up for what is lost in the digestion process.  This is because HCG is not directly absorbed into the blood stream as with injections and studies have shown a higher dosage is required for the same effects.

Homeopathic Hcg works on the basic principles of homeopathy and can be an affordable option for those who prefer a more natural option.

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Important note:  Do not take HCG in a dose based on how long you want the HCG to last.  This could counteract the benefits of the diet altogether, cause hunger, or even weight loss plateau.  Take the dosage recommended by your personal protocol and consult a specialist for adjustments as necessary.

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