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  1. annie33's Avatar
    I know this is an old entry, but this has been the most helpful post for me. I hope any newbies starting out find this. Once i figure out how to navigate this forum properly, I'll post it somewhere "newer". Invaluable. Such great great information.
  2. MySmoochy's Avatar
    I'm just starting R3 and trying to come up with some creative recipes this time. If I try anything inspired, I'll be sure to snap a pic and post!! Great thread, thanks so much!!
  3. Audrey Griffitts's Avatar
    nah not for old people my dad has had it since he was 15 =/ good luck i know it can put a grown man in tears when its in his toe hope its not to hard on you
  4. casajones's Avatar
    Thanks for this info. That is so helpful to know as I am a red meat lover and I seem to do well with it. I'll be sure to keep up my drinking (of water that is).
  5. ginal5's Avatar
    I'd love to say the gain was from just sunburn...but I'd only be fooling myself. Just plain gobbling more this time. My hormones are all messed up my doctor says and the one thing she's got me on makes me hungry I found out. Great..... so I guess my thyroid is still screwy too. Just had some more bloodwork and will find out more next week. But for now I'm trying not to eat so much.

    Thank God for Apples. Apples are my lifesaver most days. Although I lost 2.5 pounds yesterday....today I've been munging on

    3 hotdogs, ezekial english muffin with PB&J, 1 slice pizza and a baby ice cream cone....and 2 apples....ice coffee with 1 sugar and a stevia and water, water and more coffee with just cream. So we'll see if I cancelled yesterdays protein day.

    Feels like I have diet ADHD this time...kinda all over the place. Spreading myself to thin...(no pun intended) with all these summer yard projects...

    Maybe I'll try to kick the coffee down a bit to slow down the brain....

    But sugar is definitely evil! My doctor says if you are overworked and stressed you'll crave sugar because adrenal exhaustion. Not been sleeping well either. Damn sounds like I'm falling apart .....LOL

    Off to bed early tonight. With any luck it will rain the next four days and I can get caught up with all the inside work now. Summer in NY is so crazy !!! We try to fit 6 months of living into 3.

    Happy 1st day of summer everyone.
  6. rockbottom's Avatar
    Sugar is evil!! You can't just have a little sugar... once you start -- agh!

    But I am actually have more of a problem with carbs in general. Once I start, I can't stop! I had Fajitas yesterday and was only going to eat 2 of the Flour Tortillas... I ate all 4 of them! I need to remember to stick with my pre-meal plan.

    Is your gain definitely from what you're eating... or sunburn? I really shot up when I had my sunburn and was able to come back down by eating clean and drinking lots of water.

    Good luck! Keep us posted.
  7. ginal5's Avatar
    Tate-that's the best way to see the city for sure! Yeah that's me I grew up in the country (Grandpa was Amish) and I live on a 100 acre farm now. So going to the city is a big thrill and it really makes you appreciate our simpler slower pace of life back home. As much as I love to go I love to come home even better.

    Enjoy those babies they grow up sooo fast. My baby is going to be 32 this year....and she's one of my best friends.
  8. aknana's Avatar
    Hi there, I was just wondering if maybe I could bother you to clear some things up for me if you don't mind. Is there a resource out there or do you have something you could share with me that has like your own daily menu's with the calorie's counted for each meal that one could go by each day to make sure that I am getting the 500 calories a day and no more? see this seems to be my biggest issue I guess is the calculating the calories each day. I do know that my protein is weighed at 3.5oz per meal, then I have my one veggie (different one for dinner) to measure 2-3 cups. and I have my 2 fruits a day. once in awhile I will have my melba or grissini if I need something more that day. I am down 22 lbs in 19 day's so far so must be doing something right. My fear is not doing it correctly and it wont work in the end when goal weight is achieved and will gain all back. It would be nice to have an experienced buddy that I can bounce things off of and visa versa. I am very motivated to get this weight off just think I need a little tweaking. Appreciate any help you could give. Thank you so much. aknana
  9. Tate's Avatar
    We actually do not know someone who lives in NYC, which is why we'll have to be saving to be ready for our trip! I have four little ones right now, so our trip is probably a couple of years away, but I still love to think about it! We took a fun trip to Chicago two summers ago, and it was something we had talked about doing since I was a little girl. I grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere, so we love to take the "big city" trips.
  10. ginal5's Avatar
    Thanks Tate! Stabilizing was a little trickier this 2nd time but I'm doing it. My trip was a BLAST....do you know someone that lives in NYC? That's the best way to go and save money! Daughter has several friends there now, so we have a couple of places to choose from. And the new Iphone there's a NYC app map to get you around by walking or transit. Very cool. Loved it.

    You'll have great fun with Mom we sure did.

  11. Tate's Avatar
    You look absolutely wonderful! I love how you are stabilizing so well. Your trip sounds AMAZING. That is basically the dream trip my mom and I plan to take together some day. It was fun to read about it. Thanks for sharing!!!
  12. Jake_NC's Avatar
    Holy Moses, you've got a busy trip ahead of you! And, I wish I had my own tiller! I'm jealous! Then again, I've got 4 teenage boys I send out with shovels when I need something tilled. HAHAHAHAHA.

    Bleh - I wouldn't worry about settling around 3# over LDW. I've stayed right around 3+ of my LDW since I've been on P3. Then again, I've been cheating like crazy... so I have no room to gripe.

    Have a great time in the Big Apple!
  13. ginal5's Avatar
    My thoughts exactly! After doing several steak days and weight keeps going to 169 rather than the 166 LDW...what's a girl to do. Fretting and starving are not in my plan. Besides planning another round in Oct. before holidays and I'll get another 10# off then. But for now being 30# lighter than I was last year at this time is heavenly. So why would be fret over literally being 1# over the 2# limit? Right?

    Yeah I would of liked to stay at the lower weight but body does not seem to be cooperating. As long as I get to stay in the 160"s I'm good.

    It is a good feeling....thanks for the encouragement...nice to know I'm not the only one not within the coveted 2# over LDW....P4 is coming soon and last time I dropped a pound during that....so you never know. Not worth driving ourselves crazy over.

    Enjoy the summer!
  14. scientistmac's Avatar
    Glad to find another hcg-er who isn't forcing their body to stay within that 2 pound window! I'd have to do a steak day twice a week for that. I finally realized that my body is going to do what it wants to do. I'm eating healthy, working out on a regular basis (for the first time in my life) so if the scale goes higher than I'd like I just shrug and walk away. It's a great feeling!
  15. ginal5's Avatar
    I'm still hanging but I've stabilized 3# over LDW it looks like. Been so busy since we finally got some sunshine and I finally was able to plant my tomatoes. Now it seems we're going into a drought....wth. Poor farmers. Oh well as for me, P3 has been a bit of struggle this time, but I'm getting it.

    And you? Have you stabilized ok?

  16. Jake_NC's Avatar
    How are you doing Gina? I've missed your blog posts!
  17. ginal5's Avatar
    Oh there's always time to eat for me....lol I love my foods...that's the problem though, maybe a little to much still. You're right I am busy...too busy for my liking but it's been raining here for the past month so everything is overgrown and in need. Our NY summers are so short that us Yankees always try to fit a year's worth of living in 4 months.

    If I had my way I'd move south a bit to have longer seasons. Scale not so good today...steak day.

    How you doing girly?
  18. rockbottom's Avatar
    You are so busy! It's a wonder you even have time to eat... let alone prepare all of the food. It sounds like you got a lot done -- great job! My day was far less productive... but good just the same.

    Good luck on the scale tomorrow!
  19. ginal5's Avatar
    Is that a powder or in the refrigerator section? I will so try that next time! For me that's the toughest part cause I drink maybe 3 cups a day and black coffee just doesn't tasted good to me. Thanks for the heads up. And yes I love P3....what's not to love compared to P2 right?

    So cool to know there's just one more 23 day round and I should be done dieting for life! You've got to be excited about the same prospect of being finished this time too. This is it for you right?

    I'm so thankful for HCG and this forum. Being thinner is so wonderful! And being able to eat again.
  20. Dubbles's Avatar
    Gina, I've had sf Carnation French vanilla creamer in my coffee all rounds except Round 1. Just felt I couldn't do the diet without my one cup of coffee in the a.m. and cannot stomach black coffee. It hasn't hurt me. Way to go, completing your round. Enjoy p3 again. Isn't it a lovely destination?!
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