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  1. tlc4tam's Avatar
    lovelyladyhcg thanks so much for posting this! It is helping me along and also helping me to understand how this all works, and to help plan for after P2. You're awesome!
  2. lovelyladyhcg's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by kapluzie
    Thank you for sharing. Your journey is giving me insight. I look forward to following your progress.
    Thank you, kapluzie!
  3. kapluzie's Avatar
    Thank you for sharing. Your journey is giving me insight. I look forward to following your progress.
  4. lovelyladyhcg's Avatar
    Leez -- Thank you, love!

    April01 -- Like you, I gained a lot of stress weight, but now feel much more in control of things, and have thoroughly enjoyed P3 as an invigorating experience! I had no idea you were blood type A. I'm starting to find that P3 can be pretty tricky for that blood type, but it's also helping me discover what really works well for me.
  5. april01's Avatar
    My Blood Type is A- (with an Rh factor). I am supposed to be raw and mostly vegetarian. Funny I do prefer my veggies raw and el dente for sure. P3 eating is very enjoyable and this diet should emphasize good fats as I think done right most people eat healthier in general after moving into P3 and P4. I was able to do it for years and then a set of life circumstances led to a bunch of stress weight. I really can say that my weight gain did not come on due to a bunch of overeating and poor choices. Yes maybe I ate a slice of pizza more often than I would have before. For me it was definitely stress and hormones. I feel much more in control of things now though and I feel that stabilizing in P3 can be such an invigorating experience.
  6. Leez's Avatar
    What a great experience you've had. It is so true that food addictions get broken during the elimination type diet of P2. You find you actually can use normal willpower to avoid unhealthy foods, and its not a situation of white-knuckling it, you can just say no and move on without obsessing about it. That is such freedom. So happy for you!
  7. JamesDD's Avatar
    Thank you for sharing this. When I was cutting for a Men's Physique show (although I could not compete since the contest fell on the same day as my Marine Corps Ball), I dieted based off of my blood type which is A+ and felt so much better. Chicken really bloats me but steak and red meats work so well for me. i wish more people could see this and read up on the science of dieting instead of listening to others!