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  1. Catthai's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing :-) My sweetener isn't here yet but I'm collecting chocolate recipes in anticipation.
  2. Amanda Rabe's Avatar
    Okay, that was awesome,

    I think this recipe went something like this 2sq unsweet baking chocolate, 5-6T ish coconut oil, 1/2c ish heavy cream, 2 droppersful french van stevia, 1T agave, dash or 2 of salt.
  3. Amanda Rabe's Avatar
    Do you have paypal?

    Would you mind covering the shipping? alas, it is too late for me to send them out today but I have the money to front to send them out tommorow.
  4. Dubbles's Avatar
    Amanda, I would be so interested in buying these from you, but I need them pronto. There isn't any way we could work this deal, I just overnite a check to you? Or even the cash? How much? Let me know. I don't do ebay stuff.
  5. Amanda Rabe's Avatar
    I will prob try to make this with agave, I seem to have a problem with all the chemicals in the fake stuff...

    @ believe it, this is so not my recipe, I was just posting here on my blog to have a handy reference when I make it...
  6. Amanda Rabe's Avatar
    Yes, I know I wanted to put it here on my blog for handy reference when I get there... Just the thought of beans in brownies is gross enough for me to try :O
  7. Amanda Rabe's Avatar
    Stevia I am fine with, of course... Xy had me in the bthroom and hr later It seems that anything that has a chemical in it I react to. Just yesterday a friend made a cheesecake with the Capella drops which has the propelyn glycol, which others have had no prob with but I did, go figure
  8. raggedyann's Avatar
    Xylitol and stevia are not fake sugars. Have you tried them? There aren't any chemicals in them either.
  9. Beth_M's Avatar
    Black beans would not be P3 friendly. P4 only
  10. Dubbles's Avatar
    Thanks Amanda, my husband loves fudge. I'll have to try this one,
    and it's ok for p3? Thanks for posting.
  11. believe_it's Avatar
    OMG thank you for posting this...I think! The photography is beautiful too, did you shoot this? I really appreciate when a chef takes the time and effort to figure out which sugar substitutes do the trick.

    10 days to P3!
  12. Abinco's Avatar
    Wow, these look good. So, do you recommend Ghirardelli chocolate instead of the Hershy? Not sure what erythritol is. I have Xylitol and Stevia. Thank you for sharing they look so good!
  13. bs2010HCG's Avatar
    My husband is losing like crazy, but he doesn't work out. I tried rounds working out, and I tried them without (it kills me because I'm so active) but I actually lose A LOT better when I don't exercise during P2. I do; however, start back up in P3 when I can get more calories and have the extra energy I need.
  14. Dubbles's Avatar
    After I did a cheat, Amanda, (mine was more of a melt-down, actually) I did gain. But after the one day gain, I started dropping like I just did a loading day. I was surprised, and don't recommend it, but it has seemed strange. Don't know what to think.
  15. Feisty's Avatar
    Atta girl! We are learning, aren't we!
  16. Beth_M's Avatar
    I left a reply to your post about this in the forum