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  6. Perm's Avatar
  7. Nexuz9's Avatar
    Thank you V!!
  8. Veganhcg's Avatar
    No. U didn't mess up your round! From your posts you're doing great! Thanks for posting.
  9. losing1978's Avatar
    Great job! ;-)
  10. Leez's Avatar
    kapluzie is right that that is a very high dose. If you experience hunger or poor losses, you can skip a day (once you have had 4 injections), and if the hunger subsides in the evening, then lower to 150iu.

    Also 40 injections is the maximum length for a round. If you go longer, you risk immunity and if that happens, it might be a year before HCG will work for you again.

    If you are anything like me, by the time I get to the end of the 40 doses, I'm more than ready to move on. All the best Nexus9. I remember you from your posting the last time you did a round.
    Updated February 15th, 2016 at 01:27 PM by Leez
  11. kapluzie123's Avatar
    ooh, I'm not an expert-- you might want to seek grammy or Leez or Ginger regarding your dose. I believe that is extremely high. Also, 60 days? A long round is 40 injections. And with the skip day could land up being more like 46 days... never heard of 60 days.. unless you are doing hhcg?
  12. Leez's Avatar
    Super happy for you! Have a great vacation!
  13. Nexuz9's Avatar
    Yes it is! ! Having shrimp for dinner
  14. Annie226's Avatar
    Woohoo! Keep up the good work! Isn't this a fabulous way to lose weight?
  15. Annie226's Avatar
    Isn't that the truth!!!!
  16. Nexuz9's Avatar
    That's Awesome! Let's communicate. It's been hard to gorge. It's weird is like we can eat what we want
    The other times and when we can't we do. Lol
  17. Annie226's Avatar
    I am in...my first load day too,
  18. Nexuz9's Avatar
    Hi!!!! I'll be doing injections 2000 iu's.
    How many days are you doing?
    I'm doing 70 total days.
  19. Blak Porsche's Avatar
    I started this month instead of March (birthday) Today is VLCD 1. Best of success to you when you start next month.
    What method are you doing?
  20. Tammy1007's Avatar
    Excellent, I will go to whole foods and pick some up. Those are the ones I saw that had the high protein. The flavors sounded great. I have a class on Wed and my husband takes one on Mon. I don't cook so this would be great for me. I would also use them when I don't have a lunch. I will keep you posted as to my progress with them. Where do I find the information on P3 and what I should be preparing for? I am hoping for another 7+- lbs. and then on to P3. That should put me to the New year to start round 2 again.
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