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  1. Abinco's Avatar
    Becanie7 you will lose but most don't on going. If you eat under here and there, you might lose. Everyone is different. I know many lose eating under 500 but lots don't.
  2. Becanie7's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Abinco
    I know if you eat below 500, you often will either show low loss or no loss.
    I have actually been doing protocol to the T, and not quite getting 500 cals and lost 2.2.
  3. Feisty's Avatar
    I believe the bullion explains the no loss but thanks.
  4. Iamjuls's Avatar
    Pounds and inches says no tuna which may explain no loss at the top of your post
  5. Pam Peyton Reed's Avatar
    We do need to remember that in all we do ... every minute of every day. Thanks for the amazing scripture list ..
    In Christ
  6. marygel's Avatar
    Every time you had tilapia you had better losses, I had it last night and this morning I was down 3.2 lbs...
  7. mwaterfear's Avatar
    What good reminder ... we're not doing this all on our own.
  8. Dubbles's Avatar
    Cool words.
  9. Snowdreams's Avatar
    That is so beautiful to read. God is my rock and the center of my being. I am truly blessed. Praise Jesus.
  10. Catthai's Avatar
    Scary. And a close call (he's one lucky guy). Apologies, I won't look at the photo because I have a weak stomach and can't handle hurts (I'm a wimp).
  11. Feisty's Avatar
    I got put a pic of DS's ouchie up... It really is too close for comfort.
  12. jdc's Avatar
    Thank goodness he is ok. What a scare for sure! Having grown up in the midwest and now living in San Francisco, I have to tell you I don't miss the snow and ice. Sorry, not trying to rub it in. Big hug for your son.
  13. Katrina's Avatar
    Yikes Fiesty...so glad he's okay. Y'all get alot more snow than we do. All this snow has really been weird for Mississippi. Can't help but laugh at barblg comment about the tongue on the pole comment. That's one of those scenes from Dumb and Dumber that will stay with us forever.
  14. Dubbles's Avatar
    Yes, those eaves, as they are melting can be very dangerous. Glad D. is ok, though banged up. Hugs to him.
  15. ginal5's Avatar
    OMG Feisty that must of scared the shiloh out of you! Thank goodness he's just a bit banged up, you were very lucky. That wet snow is HEAVY!

    Have a safe Sunday.
  16. barblg's Avatar
    those things can be so dangerous! we have a bunch of ice 'swords' on our roof and we are having a thaw so today is going to be tricky walking around in my city. so glad he didn't poke his eye out and at least he didn't stick his tongue on a light pole and get is stuck!
  17. britt8tink's Avatar
    Congratulations on such a successful P3, Feisty! Here's to an equally amazing P4 for you!!!
  18. Feisty's Avatar
    not until March 19th and please do not tempt me to start a whineeeeeee about that! LOL!
  19. Dubbles's Avatar
    Wow, u had a successful p3, then. I craved the fats and protein after my last round. And, like u didn't really want the sugars and starches. Not until I started eating them around Christmas. Once u eat them, I think they start a downward spiral. At least for me they do. Will probably going to p3 before u go to next round, but not for long... when will u be on p2 again?
  20. Feisty's Avatar
    Yes and no Dubbs. I went at the highest .6 over (During the mental madness week), I am currently 5.4 under. But if you remember my first 2 weeks were just a mess. Seriously though I have no craving for starch or sweets at all and since that is the criteria for P3 it's been really easy in that regard. I find myself cutting back on the fats now and trying to add in a little more fruit and veggies. I was adding a lot more fats in the beginning but I also feel like that's what my body wanted.
    So the yes and no part also stems from being a bit torn about it. I wanted a good stabilization staying within the 2 up and 2 down range. But on the other hand. Its nice to see the downtick still.. LOL oh the little mental mind games. so I've decided to just be ambivalent about the whole thing. It is what it is... as long as it's not up I'm good.
    On my first round I wound up 7lbs below LDW.
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