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  1. I think I've got the travel thing figured out....

    Just returned from my 3rd trip during R1 and happy to say down .6 today!
    My trips have all been 3 dayers. I inject early day 1 of the trip, skip the next day, and inject as soon as I return home on the 3rd day. I try to concentrate on "lean meat, fruit, veggies" (it's like a mantra I repeat over and over to myself while making food choices!!) Seems to be working well even though sometimes I have to be "off" protocol in a very slight manner (forgot to ask for no cheese ...
  2. Day 3 First day VLCD

    So today was day one. I wouldn't call it easy but it was better than I thought. My daughter is heading back to college so we had a family meal planned for tonight...PIZZA. I ate my protein before we left and then ordered a salad with balsamic vinegar, no cheese (basically lettuce and cabbage but very fresh!). Tasted great, enjoyed the evening and had ice tea instead of wine with dinner. Didn't miss the Pizza at all - I must have had my mind made up.

    The hardest part was actually ...
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